Makhzan e Adab By Professor Muhammad Zareef Ahmed · Makhzan e Adab By Professor Muhammad Zareef Ahmed. Description; Reviews (0). There are no. Makhzan e Adab By Nighat Sultana Universal Publisher · Makhzan e Adab By Nighat Sultana Universal Publisher. Description; Reviews (0). There are no. Makhzan e Adab. By: Jamia Urdu. Material type: materialTypeLabel BookPublisher: Karachi Shoba Tasnefo Taleef o Tarjuma Edition.

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To these and a host of other writers, goes the credit of having kept alive the tradition of Urdu literature in Bangladesh. We encourage visitors to the forum to report any objectionable message in site feedback. The common heritage also finds an expression in the previous century and beyond. Guftagu 3 Read more.

Repeated Questions of Forestry. Once I had made,you can see here, http: Khutbat e Ghazali Read more. Students are also given writing assignments and selected final year students are required to submit a dissertation carrying marks six weeks after the final examination of the last semester. Tuesday, January 31, Islahi Khutbaat Vol Read more.


Abdul Ghafoor Nassakh and Nawab Azad, both born in what is now Bangladesh, belong to the mainstream of Urdu literature. I can make notes myself but it requires time and i just started CSS preparation therefore i decided to take help from you my buddies Sunehre Naqoosh Read mahzan. The department of Urdu has a prominent position in the University of Karachi for research.

Makhzan-e-Adab By Nighat Sultana Universal Publisher

I need complete Indo Pak paper 1 notes Faqeer Rang Read more. Ghubar E Khatir Read more. Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari Read more. Ihya Ulum Al Makhzah Read more. The significance of such a degree of activity becomes more meaningful when seen in the larger context, although “propagation and publication of Urdu in Bangladesh is like trying to grow flowers in the desert,” says Bangladesh’s Ikramul Haq Aurang in an article published in the Karachi based Qauni!

Ebrat Angayz Bayanat Read more. Janha Suraj Nahi Dalta Read more. Molana Rehmat Ullah Subhani. Khutbaat e Hakeem ul Ummat Read more. With the valuable efforts and abilities of these teachers and scholars, the department has kept making progress.


Zikr O Fikr Read more. Syed Shah Ali, and QudratullahFatimi joined as lecturers. Apni Namaz Darust Kijye Read more. Tareekh Kay Dareechon Read more. Sunehray Huroof Read more. Islam Kya Hai Read more.

Minhaj ul Abidin Read more. While maknzan of the Urdu writers migrated to Pakistan afterthere were many important figures who chose to remain behind.

Makhzan-e-Adab By Nighat Sultana Universal Publisher –

Mere Sunehray Safar Naamay Read more. Guftagu 7 Read more.

Haqiqat e Islam Read more. Islahi Khutbaat Read more. Islami Bnakari Read more.

Makhzan E Akhlaq مخزن اخلاق

Fatawa Usmani Read more. Hayat -e- Mufti -e- Azam Read more. I need its short notes This page was last generated on Monday 18 February at