spam and viruses can be defeated simply by deploying MailScanner. systems, this first version of the MailScanner Manual includes only installation. MailScanner Guide. Contents. Acknowledgements; Brief Description; Features and Highlights; How It Works; Presentation given at JANET NetWorkshop Abstract. A guide to installing and using MailScanner, and a complete training manual describing its operation and use in fine detail.

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This option interacts with the “Allow Same behaviour as normal. Set where to find the attachment filename ruleset.

Set mailscannr to the maximum length of time that you want to allow for delivery errors to be delivered. Installing MailScanner is as easy as downloading an installation package, extracting the contents, and running the included install.

You might want to change this so your users can see at a glance whether it just was just the filename that MailScanner rejected. You cannot block messages containing web bugs as their detection is very vulnerable to false alarms. If this is set to zero, effectively no attachments are allowed. It mailecanner generate a lot of log traffic.

Do you want to add the Envelope-From: This will cause it to stop scanning messages in strict date order, but in the order it finds them in the queue. It protects against viruses, and detects attacks against e-mail client packages such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora.

Home – MailScanner

There is no point quarantining most viruses these days as the infected messages contain no useful content, so if you set this to “no” then no infections listed in your “Silent Viruses” setting will be quarantined, even if you have chosen to quarantine infections in general. The “rename” rules change the filename of the attachment as described above, so that either a the user cannot simply double-click on the attachment, but must save it then rename mailscanneer back to its original name; only then can they double-click on the file.


Getting Started For server level systems such as email gateways, which is what MailScanner is, you really should not install a GUI with your mqilscanner system unless it is specifically designed for use with MailScanner such as Mailborder or Baruwa.

When a message is to not be virus-scanned which may happen depending upon the setting of “Virus Scanning”, especially if it is a ruleset yuide, do you want to add the header advising the users to get their email virus-scanned by you?

MailScanner: A User Guide And Training Manual

However, if you set it to “no”, then the filenames within the TNEF attachment will not be checked against the filename rules. Set location of outgoing mail queue. So even an experienced user may well guidde on this attachment thinking it is just going to start Notepad and display the text file.

How many MailScanner processes do you want to run at a time? Almost every aspect of the process above can be configured, from the maximum size of the mailscannr of messages to scan on each iteration, to the e-mail address of the local postmaster.

Configuration Index – MailScanner v5.1.x

If you want to use multiple virus scanners, then this should be a space-separated list of virus scanners. Do you want to scan email for viruses? During this time you can either wait, or simply disable SpamAssassin checks until it has completed.

If the message sender is on any of the Spam Lists, do you still want to do the SpamAssassin checks? There is no point increasing this figure if your MailScanner server is happily keeping up with your mail traffic. There has never been any indication that this application does indeed leak resources, but it is a prudent design step which may improve the reliability of the program, and certainly does no harm. The ongoing development of MailScanner has been greatly helped by the donation or loan of equipment from transtec ComputersNetergy and The Jackson Family Ltd.

The purpose of this option is to set it to be a ruleset, so that you can reject messages from a few offending addresses where you need to send a polite reply instead of just a brief 1-line rejection message. If this is set to yes, then the message set by the “Rejection Report” will be sent instead, and the incoming message will be deleted. This is the name of the Envelope From header controlled by the option above.


If a numeric IP address is found in a link, the same phishing warning message is used as in the Find Phishing Fraud option above. Once the size limit is reached, MailScanner continues adding to the data passed to SpamAssassin, until at most the 2nd number of bytes have been added looking for a blank line. This is the maximum number of files in each archive. So if a message arrives with more than this number of recipients, ignore the “Is Definitely Not Spam” whitelist.

File permissions are also checked and set on the appropriate directories. If all this confuses you, just leave it alone at “40k” as that is good.

If used correctly, Mail- Scanner will notice if the image is already present and not add it again. This is the name of the file that translates the names of the “Spam List” values to the real DNS names of the spam blacklists.

The original message will not be affected by this. The –maxsize option limits the maximum size that any expanded attachment may be. The primary files you need to pay attention to are:.

Custom Spam Scanner Timeout History. Many users recognise the. The numbers are all set in seconds.

It is superior to many commercial packages in its ability to handle attacks against itself, such as Denial Of Service attacks caused by messages containing the “Zip of Death”.