View LM #3) BPA – W Bridged/Parallel AB Amp reference design. Specifications, support documents, and additional tools available at Digi-Key. Your load looks mostly resistive, not capacitive. I think most design include a large capacitor between the speaker and the driver to block DC. W-power-amplifier-with-bridge-parallel-configuration The project is based on six LM to produce a well designed audio.

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PCB design also has a major influence on the performance of your amplifier. Thank you for your excellent work! Did you mean X7R ceramic capacitors. Now after a couple of hours of listening to the LM I must say it really sounds great!

DIY BPA 6x LM W audio Amplifier

The is in fact the smaller- the 47pF is the bigger one! Most of the time the controls pcb will be mounted parallel towards the front of the amplifier.

Good luck, Ed Reply. The two silver mica capacitors 47pF and pF appear to be reversed in your pictures. Phil on May 12, at 5: Use the metal tab version of the part. The best way to determine values for R f2 and C f is with circuit simulation software such as LTSpice.


Thanks for your answer Reply. Yes, Ohms, or less for the higher wattage transducers, is at resonance.

Or is it just because the part is only manufactured like that by Mundorf? Hellothis is a real complete guide for building a high quality amplifier. Chris on August 5, at 2: Some designs used only these parts For input: Which voltage level gives this output? Congratulations and thanks for the details.

I would like to ask some questions. The components on the PCB layout match the schematic above. Electrolytics, ceramics, and tantalum capacitors should be avoided.

Your efforts really appreciated…. I live in Manila, Philippines. All the best John.

A Complete Guide to Design and Build a Hi-Fi LM3886 Amplifier

At high frequencies, the impedance of C sn is very low, so high frequency current is shorted to ground. Thank you in advance!

I made an amp with LM in Post as a guest Name. Great post and well explained. Cant wait to see post on power supply! Probably 1 volt too?

  EFFER 1750 PDF

A Complete Guide to Design and Build a Hi-Fi LM Amplifier – Circuit Basics

Thanks for your answer. Wow, best guide about building LM amplifier.

Konig Heniker on May 31, at The sound is fantastic, however I can not reach it but the power is far from expected. The main system ground connects to the ground protection circuit discussed belowwhich then connects to the chassis.

The finished boards look great. Jeffery Lockmiller on November 7, at 5: Sascha on April 25, at 7: At resonance does it turn resistive i. Hi everyone, Why nobody from Circuit Basic answer to this post, this will be helpful for other who are also confuse with this mater, again: That can be found with this formula:. YNM on August 23, at I wish I had had this guide years ago when I first tried building an LM amp. Under normal operating conditions, low voltage ground loop currents flow through the resistor R1 to earth the chassis.