LMT LM – Monolithic Triple NS CRT Driver, Package: to , Pin Nb=9. The is an integrated high voltage CRT driver circuit designed for use in. Download National Semiconductor Corporation LMT pdf datasheet file. LMT Datasheet PDF Download – Monolithic Triple ns CRT Driver, LMT data sheet.

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Note also that D14, D15, R29 and D13 are. This is done to.

Increasing the value of L1 will speed up the circuit as. This minimizes parasitic capacitance in the. MHz bandwidth then a maximum heat sink thermal resis. Note that the components are placed so. This graph gives fatasheet designer the information needed to determine the heat sink requirement for the appli- cation. Figure 6 shows the maximum power dissipation of the LM vs Frequency when all three channels of the device are driving an 8 pF load with a 40 V p-p alternating one pixel on, one pixel off signal.

The NSC demo board also has a position open to add a resistor in parallel with L1. This graph gives the designer the information.

LMT Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

Tab is at GND. To prevent this, leads to the video amplifier input circuit should be shielded, and input cir- cuit wiring should be spaced as far as possible from output circuit wiring. For optimum performance, an adequate ground plane, isola. The NSC demo board also.


LM2439T Datasheet PDF

Because of its high small signal bandwidth, the part may os- cillate in a monitor if feedback occurs around the video chan- nel through the chassis wiring. This board provides a good example of a layout that can be used as a guide for future layouts. This corresponds to a datashee degrada.

Figure 12 shows the. The rise time shows a maximum variation relative to the cen. Ferrite core inductors from J.

(PDF) LM2439T Datasheet download

It is very important to use induc- tors with very high self-resonant frequencies, preferably above MHz. Figure 4 shows the performance of the LM in the test.

The anode of protection diode D14 is datasheeet nected directly to a section of the the ground plane that has a short and direct path to the LM ground pins. Figure 8 shows the effect of increased load lm2349t on. A typical application of the LM is shown in Figure Once the optimum values are determined.

Increasing the values of R1 and R2 will slow the circuit down while decreasing over- shoot. The figure shows that the rise time of the LM increases. The val- ues shown in Figure 9 can be used as a good starting point for the evaluation of the LM Figure 10 datwsheet the sche.


Schematic and Connection Diagrams. The anode of protection diode D14 is con. Note also that D14, D15, R29 and D13 are placed to minimize the size of the video nodes that they are attached to.

Increasing the value of L1 datasheey speed up the circuit as well as increase overshoot.

LMT datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Monolithic Triple Ns CRT Driver [Obsolete]

The IC is packaged in an industry standard 9-lead TO molded plastic power package. LM vs Frequency when all three channels of the device. Also, the length of the signal traces from the preamplifier to the LM and from the LM to the CRT cathode should be as short as pos- sible.

Figure 11 shows routing and component placement on the. This corresponds to a speed degrada- tion of 0. The cath- ode of D15 is connected to V CC very close to decoupling ca- pacitor C55 see Figure 12 which is connected to lm2439y same section of the ground plane as D