Learn more about the White-sided jackrabbit – with amazing White-sided jackrabbit photos and facts on Arkive. Lepus callotis. White-sided Jackrabbit. Order: Lagomorpha Family: Leporidae · Image of Lepus callotis. Click to enlarge this image. (78 kb). Conservation Status: . Species, Lepus callotis Wagler, – white-sided jack rabbit, Liebre torda, White-sided Jackrabbit, Beautiful-eared jack rabbit, Gaillard jack rabbit, snow sides.

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No specific adverse economic effects are noted for Lepus callotis Grizmek ; Nowak Lepus callotis ranges from southern New Mexico to northwestern and central Mexico.

White-sided jackrabbit

General Information The size of litters produced by leporids at northern latitudes tends to calloyis greater than those produced by leporids at southern latitudes. Lepus callotis inhabit high plateaus at high elevations, including the grassy plains of southwestern New Mexico and the open plains of the southern Mexican tableland.

B Deep grumbling has been reported in Lepus species, and shrill calls are emitted when the animal is in pain. The winter pelage of Lepus callotis is iron gray on the rump, back, and outside of the hind legs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pepus status of L.

FamilyGround squirrels Sciuridae – Squirrels, Marmots etc. The rump and thighs are also white and lined with a few black hairs.

Habitat associations and co-occurrence of Chihuahuan Desert hares Lepus californicus and L. Ranges of individuals may overlap in favoured feeding grounds. B Specific Calloris callotis Information These hares are often found in male-female pairs, staying within 5 m of each other and remaining together while running if flushed from cover.


New Mexico Game and Fish: B “All species that turn white in winter undergo two molts per year.

ADW: Lepus callotis: INFORMATION

This is an open-access article calloits under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. The white-sided jackrabbit is considered endangered throughout its range in Mexico, and is listed as threatened by New Mexico, where it occurs in the southwest, but enjoys no federal protection in the United States.

The ears are covered with short yellowish brown hairs that are mixed with black anteriorly and white posteriorly. However, the length of the lower incisors’ roots varies. In the United States Fish and Wildlife was petitioned to list the species under the ESA, but it was rejected clalotis a month review due to only limited information being available on the status of the species in Mexico United States Fish and Wildlife Service, The white-sided jackrabbit Lepus callotisalso known as the Mexican hareis a jackrabbit found in a limited range in North Americafrom southern New Mexico to northwestern and central Mexico.

Natal red rock hare P. The fore paws have five toes while the back paws have four. The moist pellets are expelled and then eaten; this is done with little or no chewing, and as a result the majority of the food passes through the digestive tract twice this is thought to have the same function as ‘chewing the cud’ in ruminants. The long ears serve to locate sound, as well as regulate temperature when they are raised like a fan to catch passing breezes in hot conditions.

Such regrouping often takes place around sunset. Hares are generally larger than rabbits. April 05, calkotis Accepted: It may NOT be used within Apps.


General Lepus Information Hares mainly eat grasses and herbaceous plants, but do also feed on twigs, buds and bark. B The upper incisors’ roots are found in the skull’s premaxillary leous.

Lepus callotis – White-sided jackrabbit (Species)

The food is ingested by chewing the grass that is sticking out of the mouth, with the head raised and the body sitting in a crouched position.

The breeding season, which lasts for a minimum 18 weeks 3varies from the middle of April to August 1. Glossary Monogamous Having only one mate during a breeding season, or throughout the breeding life of a pair.

Mammalian Species Nelson and Goldman, Anderson Ciudad de Huitzuco de los Figueroa. Playas Valley, W fork.

Detailed Anatomy Notes Summary information provided for pertinent species-specific data cross-referenced in Wildpro. Positive In general, various species of Lepus are used as food, and their fur may be used in manufacturing felt or for trimming gloves and other garments.

John Hopkins University Press. Specific Lepus callotis Information 2.

Specific Lepus callotis Information Upperparts: It prefers level lands full of grasses and also avoids areas with trees and shrubs. Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Buchloe dactyloides, Bouteloua gracilis, Hilaria mutica, Pancium obtusum and Muhlenbergia torreyi. MearnsMearns and Holzer includes holotype specimen for L.

Skull Leporids have an arched skull with a slight constriction between the orbits.