Caroline Clemens comes to a scandalous arrangement with Dominic Savage. Penniless and responsible for four younger siblings following the death of their. Read The Price of Desire by Leda Swann by Leda Swann by Leda Swann for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Buy a cheap copy of The Price of Desire book by Leda Swann. Caroline Clemens comes to a scandalous arrangement with Dominic Savage. Penniless and.

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They are allowed in for the week, at the end of which time peice board of governors will meet and decide whether they can stay.

Rather than feel shamed by her long fall from innocence, Caroline finds her new life exhilarating—for Savage is a remarkably skilled lover who knows the secret places to enter, taste, and touch that will drive a woman to new heights of ecstasy. Anyways, I would not recommend this book. Popular covers see all 4 covers. This book disgusted me on a few levels. View all 3 comments. We d Leda Swann is the writing duet of Cathy and Brent.

Apr 30, Jen rated it really liked it. We discussed how the Greek gods made for themselves a pretty good time of things, so a name from Greek mythology would be good. Caroline Clemens comes to a scandalous arrangement with Dominic Savage.

A Marquis For Mary.

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The ending was just a little too easy, like a last minute quick-fix. Penniless and responsible for four younger siblings following the death of their debt-ridden father, she agrees to become the willing plaything of this darkly dangerous man who has saved her family from the workhouse–and in repayment, she will fulfill his every physical need This was pretty much porn that you can get at the library, what’s not to like about that?!?

She balks, however, at releasing her heart to him, even though it grows harder to protect by the day. Personally, I would have a hard enough time reading and getting past that in a serious novel let alone some historical erotic romance fluff I bought on a whim for a bit priec fun reading.

We learn little things about him – like that he had a wife in India whom he loved, but she died a few years before; that he is rich and successful and owns a lot of railway in England; and that he’s had plenty of lovers in the past and cared for them all. I did not like Dominic because according to him Caroline was “accommodating,eager to please and obedient” p What was not to tne and love? With this plan in mind, there is only one regret: They were both believable and understandable.

Review: The Price of Desire | Giraffe Days

Caroline Clemens comes to a scandalous arrangement with Dominic Savage. With her father disgraced and all their money gone Caroline is devastated and now in charge of her household.

It is not until her father bankrupts the family and commits suicide that she learns that fate of her new life. Caroline Clemens has led a sheltered plush life with the love and affection from her father and siblings. Caroline Clemens has found out just how much her fiance loves her, though that betrayal somehow isn’t all that stinging once she meets Dominic Savage and indulges in a moment of passion she intends to hold her over forever.


Top Ten Books Read in My ten favourite books read last year. Mar 01, Ellen Gawryla rated it liked it. Now it’s raining, though the weatherman says it’s going to change back to snow later. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As such, it works very well.

The Price of Desire (Avon Red)

I loved this book When we decided to write an erotic romance together we wanted a sexy name. We just needed to find a name that was more or less easily pronounceable. Well written; erotic yet believable–a rare combination. As his mistress, she and her family will want for nothing, Dominic will see to their comfort and education. Plus the whole love story just fell flat and ended rather abruptly.

She knows where her father’s gun is, and there should hopefully be enough bullets left for Isaac’s children too – if she has the courage to do it. And ledw will repay his honesty pricee night after torrid night of delicious swan games, taking their passion further than either of them ever dreamed possible.

She was a woman I felt like I could be friends with, so it was easy to care for her.