La\Planete des Singes [Pierre Boulle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La planete des singes [Pierre Boulle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Y a-t-il des êtres humains ailleurs que dans notre galaxie? C’ est la. La planete des singes [PIERRE BOULLE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In examining the Apes, we’re looking at ourselves. The society was divided between the violent gorillas, the pedantic and conservative orangutans, and the intellectual chimpanzees. Semplice, coinvolgente e sconvolgente. There is some argument as to whether the book can be considered sci Originally written in by the same author who brought us The Bridge Over the River Kwaithis book will most likely be remembered for the many movies that were based on it’s premise of a world where the roles of apes and men are reversed.

All the copies I saw back then had pictures from the film on the cover. We inherently assume that anyone of any worth or intelligence will be just like us. The first film was Planet of the Apesa science fiction feature film directed by Franklin J. I will have more to laa about this in another venue later this y I have been meaning to read the boulel that started it all, the novel by Pierre Boulle. The book is similar to singse film series in certain ways, but different enough to provide a new approach to the main subject.

View all 3 comments. Written by Ulysse Merou and telling of an expedition from our world to the giant star Betelgeuse, light years from Earth. To ask other readers questions about Planet of the Apesplease sign up. Personally,I tend to see most science fiction as a study of society so I’m not going to say this isn’t it.

I would not have said this was a translation not that I think my French is now good enough to read this in its native language as it flowed so well.


La Planète des Singes | Planet of the Apes Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Full Random Comments review This is what I feel like after reading Planet of the Apes. The apes do not speak the same language, which makes for some interesting communication problems. Retrieved from ” http: His speech before the President and the Scientific Congress was carried live on all the television stations. For other books in the Planet of the Apes franchise, see Planet of the Apes.

Written by Ulysse Merou and telling of an expedition from our world to the giant star Betelgeuse, light years from Earth.

Well, I have to say that Pierre Boulle has changed my mind as to this type of books. Can we really pass judgment?

Planet of the Apes (novel) – Wikipedia

The way the loyalists treated him and his fellow Gaulle and resistance supporters inspired Boulle to write this novel. Why shouldn’t another species give running things a try? Videos About This Book. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. But, apart from the familiarities, this planet is very different than ours. The thing is that not a lot of the characters have much depth. I know that I have seen the movie long ago, and remember the big reveal at the end and Charlton yelling about damning everyone all to hell, but I don’t remember much more than that.

A few small notes struck me as false — I found the use of suddenly-tapped atavistic memory as a plot device to be rather weak, not to mention jarring — but on the whole this hit far more often than it missed.

Due to time dilation, however, the trip seemed to the travelers only to last two years. This section does not cite any sources. No, no tienen armas.

Jacobs, however, found the treatment “uncinematic” and asked another writer to complete a different story that would become Beneath the Laa of the Apes. I’d forgotten reading this as a kid until I saw it on Wiz’s feed this morning makes her wound like a horse! The scientist is put into a zoo, the journalist into a laboratory. French writer Pierre Boulle made use of his experience as a soldier in WWII in depicting the relationship of apes and men in this book, Planet of the Apes.


After a boukle and arduous struggle, Jacobs eventually saw the movie through to release inand it was a huge success.

This was satirical and very funny in some places, upsetting and sad in others. We don’t know what to do with other worlds.

Planet of the Apes

Jul 13, Henry Pirere rated it liked it. Mi sono innamorato di questo romanzo dopo mezza pagina. You will not find here the ponderous seriousness of the Heston film. Not true, siges of imagination, will never happen, yadda, yadda.

This book is a sci-fi and I know some people look down on sci-fi readers. But, I was happy to see that the three “races” of Apes could cohabitate and cooperate in peace, which is more than we’ve accomplished so far. Soon after the Earthmen, along with the natives are ambushed by I have seen a number of film versions both old and new so knew roughly what to expect story wise, but I was boule expecting the tenderness and emotion.

Boulle was an engineer serving as a secret agent with the Free French in Singapore, when he was captured and subjected to two years’ forced labour.

This book is a sci-fi and I know some people look down on sci-fi readers. Ulysse ainges adopted by one of the researchers, Ziraa female chimpanzee, who began to teach him the apes’ language – Zira naturally didn’t understand French being his native tongue on Earthbut Merou was able to make his meanings known by sign language.

It inspired that incredible scene boule Charlton Heston: Thanks to the Goodreads Time Travel reading group for choosing this book and giving me the opportunity to read and discuss it with others.

Hestonish, if you will, of course.