LA MALINCHE, LAURA ESQUIVEL, AND TRANSLATION. By Harry Aveling. The woman variously known as Malinalli Tenepal. (a reconstruction of her Náhuatl. Read Malinche by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Malinche, by Laura Esquivel, is a deceptively simple book. In Esquivel’s interpretation, Malinalli (La Malinche) suffers abandonment and.

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This book is depressingly awful. If soliloquy drives you nuts, this book isn’t for you. Deze manier van vertellen zorgde ervoor dat ik me niet goed kon inleven in de laaura. To ask other readers questions about Malincheplease sign up.

Malinalli was brought up by her paternal grandmother after her father was offered as a human sacrifice to the Aztec g-ds. That question fuels the entire novel, which spends an extraordinary amount of time spelling out what’s on her mind.

Malinche, by Laura Esquivel

There was a problem adding your email address. It is argued, however, that without her help, Cortes would not have been successful in conquering the Aztecs as quickly, giving the Aztec people enough time to adapt to new technology and methods of warfare.

The language is stripped down, but with rhetorical elements like repetition of phrases and ideas.

The many uncertainties which surround Malinche’s role in the Spanish conquest begin with her name and its several variants. The greatest insight I brought away from ‘Malinche’ was a decoupling of the original Quetzalcoatl belief system from the subsequent belief system whose name I do not know based esqjivel human sacrifice. Jan 02, Stacy rated it it was ok. It is a failure of your own expectations! After learning Spanish, Malinalli strives to interpret not just the words but the meaning, the intent, mxlinche the words.

In this way I believe ‘Malinche’ to be the author’s best work to date and deserving of more in-depth analysis by literary types who know better than I what they are doing.


I wanted to like it, but what is there to like? View all 5 comments. Even as a child, Esuqivel possessed a high level of understanding, believing in the cruelty of sacrifice, desiring to put an end to the practice.

I read and enjoyed Like Lauda for Chocolateespecially the supernatural elements.

La Malinche

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. No doubt the author stepped into the shoes of the protagonist, Malinalli, and used her imagination to create the indigenous world Malinche knew from infancy, then wrestled with the changes Cortez and the Spanish conquistadors invoked on her people and the native tribes she was forced to address as the interpreter.

Yet, I feel nothing. Intellectually, the main character had her freedom, but physically, she was still a slave. After being baptized, the 20 slave girls were distributed by Cortes among his Spanish captains. She felt humiliated, sad, alone, and she could not figure how to let the frustration from her being, how to cast her grief to the wind, how to change her decision to be present in this world.

Listened to the audiobook. As a lifelong student of Hispanic culture, I enjoy furthering my knowledge of it. Malinche lura written in what I see as a folk tale style.

Now a stepchild, the girl was given to some people from Xicalango. La Malinche in Mexican Literature: To those who must repeat ad nauseum “I preferred ‘Like Water For Chocolate'” this book is a completely different genre: Give me a break. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I loved Esquiivel Water for Malnche and had high hopes for Malinche, but there’s no getting around it: First Person Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico. She may very well have been the last non-Spaniard to see Monteczuma alive. Books by Laura Esquivel.

Malinche retells a myth in a manner that might win readers looking for more entertainment than the facts behind the folktale. On one hand, it had the lw light touch of magical realism, an intriguing interpretation of feminism, and the benefit of one of the most savage conquests in history as a dramatic backdrop. Aug 05, Alain rated it did not like it. As I said, this is not a biography.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. No puedo decir que lo desprecie o que me gusto Women in the Conquest of the Americas. Notify me of new posts via email. For the conquistadoreshaving a reliable interpreter was important enough, but there is evidence that Marina’s role and influence were larger still.

Malinche | Book by Laura Esquivel | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Jun 01, Rebecca rated it really liked it. I would have laurs it if she was just a slave-woman being practical in a situation over which she had no control, but I felt like I was being asked to believe she was to some extent in love with a cruel and abusive little man with a Napoleon complex who was responsible for the slaughter of her people. Rant’s over for now, I’ll come back with details later. As I try to avoid books with an excess of erotica, it was difficult for me to read about the Mexican myth of Quetzalcoatl while having to malince through intimate scenes.

Fitzroy Dearbornpp. While the first half of the novel showed plot development, the second half was as much about Esauivel translating for the Spaniards as it was about the Spaniards conquests of the “girl woman”. Esquivel has a tremendous ability to unearth detail and a character’s inner voice. Refresh and try again.