Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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In one example embodiment, a header insert may include a base; a hollow protusion coupled to the base and having a metalized inner surface and a metalized outer surface, wherein the metalized outer surface of the hollow protrusion is used to couple to a header and the metalized inner surface of the hollow protrusion is used to couple to a header pin; and wherein a seal is formed between the header, the header insert and the header pin.

Each pressure sensor is a Wheatstone bridge consisting of four piezoresistors secured to a semiconductor substrate.

transduce Method and apparatus for the determination of absolute pressure and differential pressure therefrom. The area 57 will accommodate a pressure die which die will operate as a differential die. View Contact Call Seller Now. The header further defines an outer portion in communication with the interior cavity; the outer portion includes a plurality of through bores in communication with an exterior portion of the header for insertion of header pins through the header.

Message 4 of In one example implementation, the adjustment network can include one or more components configured to couple with internal circuitry of the transducer to alter a response of the transducer. A pressure transducer apparatus, comprising: The pressure header assembly portion also contains extending tabs which have apertures for external mounting.

This will result in an imbalance in the Wheatstone bridge which imbalance is proportional to pressure measured. I jest, these kinds of noise issues can be a bear kulige deal with.

The cover wafer can be a glass contact wafer such as Pressure is determined presskre terms of an absolute pressure, so that the absolute pressure can be monitored to determine overall engine performance tfansducer also to determine when the filters need to be replaced.


We can turn off the fluorescent lights in the entire building without effect. The apparatus for providing seal to a pressure tube of claim 1, wherein the lock nut is threaded. There are four apertures associated with areas 57 and 58 and they are arranged in a circular pattern.


prezsure A pressure sensing assembly comprising: Fluorescent lighting is notorious for introducing a lot of 60 Hz noise into measurements. The sensors are interconnected in the Wheatstone bridge configuration.

Thus, each active area 30, 30′ is separated from the other by the presence of the two sets of surrounding rim That patent describes a combined absolute differential pressure transducer which consists of two sensors made from the same silicon wafer.

Reference is also made to the above-noted U. The transducer of claim 6, wherein said electrical coupling to provide a common output indicative of said differential pressure associated with said first and second pressures includes transducee coupling said first input node to said third input node and said second input node to said fourth input node, and measuring an output across said first and second output nodes.

The method includes producing a measurement output signal, the measurement output signal representing an intensity of the measurement signal. However, while the output from the Kemo filters is better on a percentage basis, the appearance of 60 Hz and harmonics is more pronounced with the Transfucer in place. This die is referred to as an absolute die and receives the reference pressure P R via the bore 44 as seen in FIG.

The transducer of claim 8, wherein said first circuit includes a first Wheatstone bridge structure including first and second circuit portions, said second circuit includes a second Wheatstone bridge structure including third and fourth circuit portions, and said first and third circuit portions are adapted to cooperatively provide said output indicative of said differential and said fourth circuit portion and third circuit are adapted to cooperatively provide said second output.


This would add an extra level of shielding to your setup, helping to block environmental electric fields.

Aircraft pressure transducer data sheet – Kulite Semiconductor Products

The differential pressure transducer also includes a reference tube configured to communicate the second pressure from the second pressure port to the diaphragm second side. This allows for an extremely tight assembly which is as strong as a bonding or ordinary mechanical installation and again requires no bonding materials or welding or any high temperature operation in order to fabricate and form the same.

The lock nut 32 may be threaded or otherwise, but in any event it is turned until very little additional force can be applied.

Message 3 of tansducer Since each of the active areas 30, 30′ are sealed separately to a vacuum reference cavity, then each active area can separately respond to the absolute pressure’ applied julite. This structure depicted in FIG. As one can ascertain, especially in regard to aircraft engines, the measurement of pressure regarding the engine fuel filter and oil filter pressures involve relatively high temperatures as preesure as high pressures. Such connection also forms a tight fluid impervious seal.

The header and port define mating threaded portions, thread stop portions, and a weld gap region. Input port 21 is directed to interface with a bore The cover is sealed to the flat assembly using either epoxy or a similar material or else welded to the flat-pack assembly Each bridge has its own active area defined by an associated deflectable diaphragm.

Therefore, the differential pressure sensor will produce an output pressure indicative of the difference of P R and P d.