Ukrainian repertoire. Viktor Kosenko worked towards the expansion of Ukrainian national Example 6 Kosenko Passacaglia. Example 7. Viktor Stepanovych Kosenko was a Soviet composer, concert pianist, and educator born in .. by Viktor Kosenko at the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP); Passacaglia in G minor on YouTube, performed by Lera Auerbach.

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Retrieved 23 July By this time he was allowed by the Russian Association of Proletarian Musicians to have his first piano compositions published.

Viktor Kosenko – Wikipedia

A true ppassacaglia in the very sense of the word, he was a leading figure among the broad-minded artistic collective of the 20th-century Soviet music. Hence, the edition is public domain in its country of origin or a government publication. This same association invited him again in and During this period, Kosenko’s piano works were published for the first time.

Recorded on the label Toccata Classics and in at least one other recording, though perhaps not very many as of This period that Kosenko spend in Zhytomyr was one of the richest in his musical career for he perfected his own artistic style in instrumental, vocal and chamber music; genres in which he was very active at that time.

Upon graduation from the conservatory, he moved to the capital of the Volhynian GovernorateZhytomirwhere besides composing and teaching, he invested a lot of time into performing, both as a soloist kosenki accompanist as well. As a student of the Saint Petersburg Conservatorythe young composer’s main focus was to become a performing pianist, only composing music when he was required to do so in theory classes. When he debuted his own music to the public inhis concert was divided passaaglia two sections.


11 Etudes in the From of Old Dances, Op.19 (Kosenko, Viktor)

Retrieved 23 June In SeptemberKosenko gave his first concert, attended by his family and close friends, [8] traveling to Moscow the following year to meet with composers and musicians. He was often invited to be in the juries of musical performance competitions as a well-known performer and respected pedagogue.

His contemporaries noted his playing style, brilliant technique, powerful artistic interpretation. The government of Soviet Ukraine valued Kosenko. After graduating from the conservatory in Kosenko joined his family in Zhytomyr[2] at that time the cultural center of the Volyn province. Such editions are also public domain in Canada because they fail to meet the minimum ‘threshold of originality’ to qualify for copyright as an ‘adaptation’.

He also performed as soloist in piano concertos of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and Grieg with an orchestra made up of local instrumentalists. He gave his last concert inwhen he performed his own music with bass singer Ivan Patrozhynskiy and soprano Maria Litvinenko-Volhemut.

Musytschna Ukrainan.

Viktor Kosenko

Despite the medical treatment that he was receiving at the time, Kosenko lived for only 42 years, dying on 3 October of kidney cancer[14] a condition apparently linked to the unsanitary conditions in which he and his family had lived for so long. Soviet classical composers Ukrainian classical composers People from Saint Petersburg births deaths Burials at Baikove Cemetery Kyiv Conservatory faculty 20th-century classical composers Male classical composers.


He became closer to artists such as composers Borys Lyatoshynsky and Levko Revutskiy, and singers Ivan Patrozhynskiy and Maria Litvinenko-Volhemut who all highly evaluated both his musical and pedagogical activity.

Views Read Edit View history. Soviet composer Viktor Kosenko. This situation inspired Kosenko to study theory of composition, analysis of musical form, and instrumentation in more depth. Following his death ina complete collection of his works was published.

Levko Revutskiy wrote, “Kosenko is a true master of high culture. Golden book of Ukrainian elite, Volume 2. Some of these elements involved doubling melodies in thirds, sixths and tenths, using “open” fifths, ;assacaglia pedal points. His Twenty-four Pieces for Children for fortepiano followed, becoming one of the most popular collections for children, even until today. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

From Passafaglia, the free encyclopedia. The concert was broadcast live on the radio from his apartment on Pidval’na street. Kosenko dedicated much of his attention to children, too.

He belongs to artists, around whom is created an artistic atmosphere, which is a living, momentous and active stimulus for passacagliaa work. Following the successful debut of his music, Kosenko began to make many trips to perform his own music to places such as Kharkiv, DnipropetrovskLuhansk[10] and Moscow. Retrieved 28 June