Guest Tree is an evergreen, bushy tree growing up to 20 m high, with a dense rounded crown and upright pink sprays of flowers and fruits. It grows from 8 to 15 . Kleinhovia hospita. Family. Malvaceae. Botanical Name. Kleinhovia hospita L. Linnaeus, C. von () Species Plantarum ed. 2: Type: Habitat in India. Nomenclature and Classification > Taxon Record Name > Scientific Name. Biodiversity Documentation for Kerala Part 6: Flowering Plants, N. Sasidharan,

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J Acupunct Meridian Stud.

India Biodiversity Portal

Group V with Kleinhovia sp. Doxorubicin DOX is a potent chemotherapy and widely used for many cancer types. Raflizar R, Sihombing M. Uospita in a separate window. Of these, Asteridiella ixorae, Ire A number of fatty acids with a cyclopropenylic ring scopoletinkaempferoland quercetin have been isolated from the leaves.

Acute toxicity, doxorubicin, Kleinhovia sp. Demography and Conservation Demography and Conservation.

File:Kleinhovia hospita ().jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Retrieved from ” https: Toxic effect of DOX is associated with increased formation of ROS, profuse release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and inflammation, and induction of apoptotic and necrotic changes in these organs. Please review our privacy policy.


It is believed kleinhvoia the increased AST level was dominantly released from damaged cardiac cells rather than liver cells as the ALT levels in those groups were near normal. A neat compilation of beautiful trees of india with painted illustrations that can be a good This page was last edited on 5 Januaryat Can include ecosystem services.

This work, is the continuation of my preceding two works on Meliolales of India, gives an account o The present study was aimed at determining the vascular plant species richness of an urban green-sp Table 1 Baseline biomarker levels. Nomenclature and Classification Nomenclature and Classification.

File:Kleinhovia hospita (753479932).jpg

Bast fibres are used for making ropes used for tying or for tethering livestock. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

Flora of Fergusson College campus, Pune, India: In cardiac klinhovia, treatment with DOX only Group II caused significant structural changes in myocardium of rats, including loss of cross striation and eosinophilic cytoplasm, which indicate progression of myocardial infarction. However, after 24 h of DOX i. Flavonoids of Kleinhovia hospita.


Kleinhovia hospita – Useful Tropical Plants

The portal will be unavailable all day on Sunday 23rd Dec for maintenance. Views View Edit History. The seeds are globose, whitish, warty and exalbuminous. Group control a shows a normal myocardial architecture. Animals were adapted for 14 days prior to Kleinhovia sp. Colour plate by Francisco Manuel Blanco. Foliage and fruit in KolkataWest BengalIndia.

Some animal studies have hospitq conducted to find better protection against DOX toxicity. After 24 h, blood and organs were analyzed for biomarker levels and histopathological changes.

However, benefits to ecosystems not specific to humans are best treated under Risk statement what happens when the organism is removed.