The Switchman: Juan José Arreola: “El guardagujas” (“The Switchman”) is Arreola’s most anthologized piece. It is without question his most representative. taken there, don’t you agree?” “Most people would say you are right. Over at the inn you can talk to people who have. The Switchman1. Juan José Arreola. http://www.

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En otras palabras, al subir a un tren, nadie espera ser conducido al sitio que desea. Like most of Arreola’s stories, The Switchman’ can be interpreted in a variety of ways—as an allegory of the pitfalls of the Mexican train system, an existential horror story of life’s absurdities and human limitation, and the author’s desire to laugh in spite of the insanities of the world and human interaction.

In his piece, Arreola focuses on reality as well.

The Switchman (El Guardagujas) by Juan José Arreola, |

It seems that, although an elaborate network of railroads has been planned and partially completed, the service is highly unreliable. Punt de Llibre Convocatorias.

No crea que faltan ocasiones para que los viajeros demuestren su valor y sus capacidades de sacrificio. From the first lines of “The Switchman” the stranger stands out as a man of reason, fully expecting that, because he has a ticket to T, the train will take him there on time.

The Switchman

Elijah Baley – Isaac Asimov. The stranger is very confused; he has no plans to stay.


Briefly summarized, “The Switchman” portrays a stranger burdened with a heavy suitcase who arrives at a juzn station at the exact time his train is supposed to leave. Los viajeros pasaron tanto tiempo, que de las obligadas conversaciones triviales surgieron amistades estrechas.

In areas where no rails exist, passengers simply wait for the unavoidable wreck. Carmen y amig s.

De los hombres y de las moscas. Eo vanishes because he has fulfilled his role as the stranger’s subconscious by not only asking the Camusian question “Why? Retrieved from ” https: The absurd human is aware not only of the limits of reason but also of the absurdity of guaedagujas and nothingness that will ultimately be his or her fate.

Retrieved April 12, The switchman tells the stranger that the inn is filled with people who have made that very same assumption, and who may one day actually get there.

Grodek, de Georg Trakl. In some cases, new towns, like the town of F. No he viajado nunca, ni tengo ganas de hacerlo. The story, first published as “El guardagujas” in Cinco Cuentos inis translated in Confabulario and Other Inventions Todo un lado de los vagones se estremece lamentablemente con los golpes que dan las ruedas sobre los durmientes. In addition, it is not really clear that the system does operate in the way the switchman claims: Views Read Edit View history.

The Switchman Original title: Comentarios de la entrada Atom. Como usted puede darse cuenta, los rieles existen, aunque un tanto averiados. No trate a ninguno de los pasajeros. Club de Lectura Bib.


The Switchman – Wikipedia

In guadragujas final lines of Arreola’s story the assertion of the stranger now referred to as the traveler that he is going to X rather than T indicates that he has become an absurd man ready to set arreeola for an unknown destination.

The old man then dissolves in the clear morning air, and only the red speck of the lantern remains visible before the noisily approaching engine. Rather, the absurd arises from the clash between reasoning humans striving for order and the silent, unreasonable world offering no response to their persistent demands.

The absurd human is one who recognizes a lack of clear purpose in life and therefore resolves to commit himself or herself to the struggle for order against the unpredictable, fortuitous reality he or she encounters.

The “switchman” tells the stranger that the country is famous for its railroad system; though many timetables and tickets have been produced, the trains do not follow them well.