jBC Run time, Running jBC programs. jBC Error Handling, Handling error conditions in jBC programs. jCL, jBASE command language (Proc) reference manual. CATALOG Command. .. DECATALOG and DELETE-CATALOG Commands .. DECRYPT. Quick Navigation. jBASIC Language Overview; Benefits of jBASIC; File and Directory Organization; Commands/Statements; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N.

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The Qq option is used to specify that the source code contains embedded SQL statements. Enter jchmod command with the option to add backup of file using jbackup. Returns a dynamic array of the logical complement of the elements of a dynamic array. Leave this keyword out to create clmmands dictionary comnands data file.

No code optimizations are performed and debug information is produced for both the C debugger and the jBASE debugger. OPEN statement Opens a file or device to a descriptor variable.


The values for q can be: How can we help you? GOTO statement Causes program execution to jump to the code at a specified label.

Determines whether the elements of one dynamic array are equal to the corresponding elements in another dynamic array. The value is set to NO by default. Reads a single character from the input buffer and returns it. Returns the decimal representation of a hexadecimal expression. The name can include absolute or relative path information. On Windows, colors can be globally set using the Console setup from the Control Panel or by selecting the Properties of a jShell shortcut.


SUBS function Subtracts corresponding elements in two dynamic arrays. Returns the number of times that one string occurs in another. Press Esc to exit edit mode; then type FI to save and exit the record.


ECHO statement Turns on or off the echoing of characters typed at the keyboard. Creates a a dynamic array from the remainder of the division of the elements in two dynamic arrays. MODS function Creates a a dynamic array from the remainder of the division of the elements in two dynamic arrays.

FDIV function Performs division on two floating point numbers. If you are unable to find the information you commanxs looking for, jBASE Support will be glad to assist in resolving your technical problems.

Turns on or off the echoing of characters typed at the keyboard. The jrestore utility provides fast on-line restores from the saves produced by the jbackup utility. The following guide is an instructional walkthrough of fundamental system administration tasks and how to begin programming in the jBASE database.


Reads a field from a record in jbass opened file into a variable respecting locks.

Specify the directories you want to backup and then pipe the directory into the jbackup command. Returns a dynamic array of the number of bytes in each element of a dynamic array. STR function Performs string duplication.

This will ensure conversion of attribute mark characters to new line and vice versa is suppressed thus invalidating the binary object. Opens the tty device and accepts commands from the keyboard when the jSHELL has been invoked to process a command input file.


Attempts to lock an entire file for exclusive use by this program. Enjoy and please provide comments and feedback. How can ckmmands help you? The edit session then terminates, or continues with the next record, if this choice is in effect.