Black Easter: After Such Knowledge Book 3 (Gateway Essentials) – Kindle edition by James Blish. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. why, by the twenty-first century, the name James Blish just might occur to the average day, Black Easter might also be grouped with Blish’s five more or less. A gripping story about primal evil: a sinister intermingling of power,politics, modern theology, the dark forces of necromancy, and what proves, all too terribly, not.

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Blish was married to the literary agent Virginia Kidd from to A Reader’s Guide to Fantasy.

The story was originally published inbut that version did not contain the term; Blish apparently added it in a rewrite done for the anthology, which was first published in One of my favorite books of all time; a science fiction writer’s take on the question “What if magic worked as described in medieval texts”? Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, blacl, and scholars worldwide.

A strange, surreal journey to say the least. Blish considered it to be merely the first half of a novel, the other half being “The Day After Judgement. Everything but the Squeal. Exactly what you need when you carry the paperback round just in case you might one day need one or two of the infernal demons to help you out of a sticky situation. An interesting read, though. The Complete Exodus Trilogy.

Paperback publishers in both America and Britain have recently reissued, or are in the process of reissuing, these titles. Finallyand a mild criticismwhile it is delightful that Blish takes care to present Malefica as a discipline, it is or was, for when I first read this I was merely thirteen somewhat disenchanting to see that Blish gets most of the Satanic formulae, Latin incantations, and demon summoning paraphernalia hopelessly wrong.


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And James Blish is his killer. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. And this jamws a wizard of a story. Because you don’t need blood and guts in books to “capture” a reader, you just need a good story.

Black Easter is a Nebula Award-nominated fantasy novel by James Blish in which an arms dealer hires a black magician to unleash all the Demons of Hell on earth for a single day. A wonderful story for Easter! He will give Ware a large part of his enormous fortune, if the magician can summon eastre of the demons from Hell, and let them loose on Earth for one night. His first published story appeared inand his writing career progressed until he gave up his job bljsh become a professional writer.

So evil exists in Blish’s Armageddon world, and it is released with a force on the world that ends everything we know mere hours. I realize that Blish claimed his intention was to write an unromanticized version of black magic, but somehow this resulted in his characters being incredibly flat, even to the point of being mere cliches.

SF Reviews Black Easter by James Blish

Business has been brisk but uninspiring in recent years. But in his best passages here, he presents a world both fascinating and repellent, an Earth awash in wickedness unleashed not with great malice but simply recklessness. A reviewer of Black Easter said, of the book’s California governor jaes View the earthly nexus between heaven and hell?

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Black Easter – James Blish

Get thrust into a story you are not yet ready for and be shoved out again before you’re sure of what you’ve seen. To be honest, I was so happy with the ending that I am a bit worried that the second part of the story will ruin the first. The first book reads as Christian allegory of scientific hubris, the second as Cold War parody. Refresh and try again. Think Time magazine cover. Drawing extensively from actual magical rituals, the “always-delivers” Mr Blish imagines an international arms dealer jzmes a real wizard to unleash all the demons from Hell onto Earth for one night of Revelations-style armageddo-fun while a Vatican rep watches on, observer-style, because the Cosmic rules the contract between God and Satan prevent him from intervening.


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I want spoil the ending. Meet detached, punctilious Evil? I read it blacj it was Blish and I was hard up, but I was blown away. Blish goes into a great deal of detail of the rituals for summoning demons, which was interesting, however the prose is quite dry and the character very thin.

Secret of the Legion. Blaxk was first published in serial form in in “If” magazine under the title “Faust Aleph-null. The plot is a variant on the Faust myth the book’s subtitle is in fact “Faust Aleph-Null”.

The world building in that regard is first class, which is why I’m not rating it lower. But I would hazard the guess that the work of the four writers who are today best known will wear less well than A Case of Conscience and some other works by James Blish. A great deal of the novel is devoted to slightly repetitious conjuring toward the end of the book but its overall effect is intense and chilling.

He never wanted to be God at all, and so having won all, all has he lost. This paradoxical state of affairs suggests some kind of avoidance-compulsion mechanism which, as we shall see, reflects the dilemma of the science fiction writer in his attempt to bridge the modes of realism and fantasy.

Oct 10, David rated it liked it Shelves: Contact Contact Us Help. Yet it remains Science Fiction.