Find great deals for Bunt MAS – Jose Ortega Y Gasset. Shop with confidence on eBay!. José Ortega y Gasset was a Spanish philosopher, and essayist. He worked during the first half .. Antonio Rodríguez Huéscar. Jose Ortega y Gasset’s Metaphysical Innovation: A Critique and Overcoming of Idealism, SUNY Press, Bunt mas i inne pisma socjologiczne – José Ortega y Gasset, Piotr Niklewicz, Jerzy by: Jerzy Szacki (author) Piotr Niklewicz (author) José Ortega y Gasset.

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Orttega latter made him internationally famous. Ortega y Gasset Existentialist: According to author this was going to cost dearly to Europe and hence humankind, as is implied. Well, this is what would inevitably happen.

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Secondly, the aesthetic object that was its creation had the capacity to deform true reality. The family was definitively of Spain’s end-of-the-century liberal and educated bourgeoisie. Ortega y Gasset drew attention to the advancing process of elitarisation of the new art, which, in the moment of crisis of the traditional aesthetic gqsset of democratic, egalitarian societies, was its only salvation.

Ortega y Gasset proposes that philosophy must overcome the limitations of both idealism in which reality centers bbunt the ego and ancient-medieval realism in which reality is outside the subject to focus on the only truthful reality: The new art had become an art for selected individuals, an elite game in which each player was on his own.

José Ortega y Gasset

Find it on Scholar. In rising above human reality, moving away from the realism and naturalism of representations, 18 Ibid. But it is still more serious that this marking- time should reach the point of entirely demoralising the European himself. The idea of art as an ironic game between the work and the viewer was not yet widely accessible. International Journal of Philosophy 16 1: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

This tradition had created, in his opinion, a community of mutual understanding and agreement, associated with intelligibility and openness transmitted by the content of the art, 1 constructing a common myth that rendered the truth embodied in the works easily accessible.


I can’t find the punchline.

Ortega y Gasset, Dehumanizacja sztuki, p. Thus, hermeneutics encompasses aesthetics. No doubt, if such are the important thinkers we witnessed such barbaric century. It is just a senseless apologetic defense of European imperialism, their natural right to rule because they are “naturally” superior.

The end of traditional art irrevocably closed a certain chapter in the history of human artistic activity, but it also mqs completely new horizons.

Bunt MAS – Jose Ortega Y Gasset

This led Ortega y Gasset to pronounce his famous maxim ” Yo soy yo y mi circunstancia ” “I am I and my circumstance” Meditaciones del Quijote[14] which he always put at the core of his philosophy. Would bnt well with a tipped fedora, Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden,” and the kind of prejudices that can just escape boiling over except for an undying belief in the reader’s own superiority as compared to the “mass-man,” which for my tastes was an underdeveloped concept at best.

Philosopher of European Unity.

Democratic capitalism Liberal bias in academia. The radical opposition to traditional popular art was a deliberate process, achieved through an intentional break with the rules of communication between the artist and the viewer previously in mws, the rejection of past canons of art and a departure from realist and naturalist presentation.

Contact with new art has become special time, but also time that the viewer spends on his own. These reflections revolve around the concept of crisis of art as it was understood by both thinkers.

Magdalena Magdalaena rated it did not like it Oct 09, Taking the trouble to understand it is indispensible, especially in view of the artistic phenomena that appeared after the period of the Great Avant-Garde. The new art, in his view, was antipopular by definition: It seems that the process of dehumanisation did not deprive art of all sense. Therefore, the Spanish philosopher proposes a system wherein the basic or “radical” reality is “my life” the first yowhich consists of “I” the second yo and “my circumstance” mi circunstancia.

The cognitive value of the new art was based on meanings that were no longer simply a way to recognise a work based on the similarity of its content to reality, as was the case in traditional art.


Bunt MAS – Jose Ortega Y Gasset | eBay

For Ortega y Gasset, art was one of the most significant sociocreative factors: For Ortega y Gasset, vital reason is also “historical reason”, for individuals and societies are not detached from their past. The summary of the views of Gadamer and Ortega y Gasset we have offered here is further evidence of the unlimited potential for the interpretation of contemporary phenomena in art.

Diana rated it did not like it Jul 02, Refresh and try again. De Mensch en de Techniek. This is the sport, the luxury, special to the intellectual man.

La rebelión de las masas by José Ortega y Gasset (1 star ratings)

It is not our intention to pass judgments on the merits of each position. This circunstancia is oppressive; therefore, there is a continual dialectical interaction between the person and his or her circumstances and, as a result, life is a drama that exists between necessity and freedom. It is important here to emphasise along with Gadamer that this is a question maas a real experience that transforms the interpreter. Gadamer, Prawda i metoda…, op. Art, according to Gadamer, can oryega aptly described by three concepts: Oftega rated it did not like it Feb 04, Traditional art, loaded with humanising elements, had been depleted, heavy, pathetic and serious.

Leaving Spain at the outbreak of the Civil Warhe spent years of exile in Buenos AiresArgentina until moving back to Europe in gaset The meaning of a work may be revealed if an effort is made to discover it. Disappointing in both style and substance. But could art on such a basis preserve any cognitive value? Gasset – – Princeton University Press.

Life and History in the Philosophy of Ortega y Gasset. Rafael Brillas rated it did not like it Feb 01,