The Introscope Java Agent is a third party tool created by CA the required files are mentioned in the setup guides for each system type. If a Java Managed System has been “respective Wily Introscope guide”. This guide focuses on the SAP-specific aspects of Introscope. For a full Introscope Java Agent (on the managed systems). The setup of the.

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Refers to the Auto Probe Connector and to the Agent. SAP provides standard Directive Files that should be used depending on the managed system type.

I had issues in getting the wily workstation started, but it did not just work after apply the work around mentioned in Workstation webstart section about. I had issues getting the workstation to start for Wily When using Java 1. One node per iView — should be preferred for installations with many roles or when collaboration rooms are used.

They can be triggered in various ways, e.

Byte Code Adapter (Introscope JAVA Agent) | SAP Blogs

September 22, at 6: A t tachments 3 Page History. For Java heap size see Java parameter -Xmx and -Xms. J2EE Engine metrics missing Page: The available Directives Files are mentioned in the IntroscopeAgent. This activity extracts the Introscope Java Agent files to the server, configures the IntrosocpeAgent.


The above log entry shows the Introscope Enterprise Manager host name and port as wel as the host name, the process name and the gulde name used by the Introscope Java Agent to report the performance information.

Unfortunately you get it on the console, difficult to capture. See Gaent Notes and Byte Code Adapter does not start Page: No search term specified. The download location of the Introscope Java Agent is stated in the Introscope release notes.

SAP® Basis Administration Handbook, NetWeaver Edition by Ranjit Mereddy

Refers to the Agent. For troubleshooting JMX metric collection in the agent you can increase logging of the JMX service by setting these two additional properties:.

The thread dump will be written to the file em. To the following pictures show how to access the ISAgent Setup. Thanks for sharing your knowlegde. When using Java 1.

How does solution manager find the sca file? Java 7 Update 71 Java 1. March 29, at 8: April 13, at September 10, at 4: See SAP Note for a fix. Open link in a new tab.


Best Regards, Allam Drebes. We have not found a way to launch the Workstation 9. Introscope agents of a certain version can connect to Introscope Enterprise Managers of the same or higher version.

Can you help me with understanding the workings of a diagnostic agent for collection of data from a host. You have described the complete process in much detail. Some of these metrics might have a performance impact. Please suggest some solutions to fix this issue.


Do not forget to reset the value back to INFO after investigating the issue. Netweaver agent is populated via a native library, the so-called platform monitor. Java heap size is specified in parameters wrapper.