“S-TTL” Auto of INON Z, D series and S is not just to work out “full automatic TTL auto strobe when a user gains experience of underwater photography. Manually controllable [EV Control Switch] enables you to select ” real”. Z Type4. Overview · Feature · Spec · Exterior · Accessories · Setup Example Precise S-TTL, step External Auto, step Manual and Nikonos TTL for. Setting up INON Z/D/S Series using a fiber optic cable with point & shoot & DSLR housings with optical port camera exposure mode to Manual, Shutter priority, Aperture priority, Auto or Program Operation.

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Komodo Macro Rolling in the Deep: It was impossible for existing underwater TTL auto strobe to intentionally make asymmentric lighting under dual strobe configuration and only “flat” lighting z2240 available. This is because that desired exposure is vary by each photographer’s sensitivity and appropriate exposure is also vary depending on shooting condition like subject color etc.

O-ring inspection method These are the essentia l lactors ensuring waterprool property: Riding the Wave of Technology Review: This is to limit the number of people who try to order from other countries to get around pricing strategies. Myself I use NiMH up to mAh without any problem so far about 50 dives with the flashbut I dive in Norway where the water is never warmer than 20 degrees Celsius.

You can see the oring at all times ueer compartment. Eneloop have mAh, and I suspect that this quality product from Sanyo delivers just as much as the mAh from no-name producers as I use them now.


My own measurements Arenui Liveaboard Dive Adventure: Create new account Request new password. Turn the right dial to the left or right one click for some amount of exposure compensation. Takes 4 AA batteries.

INON Z Strobe [Feature]

Guide number of 24 on land Angle of coverage degrees, with diffuser Recycle time 1. It will get hard to express one’s image with existing underwater TTL auto strobe when a user gains experience of underwater photography. Posted 02 May – What code is in the image?: You can charge them with any charger you use for NiMH, so no additional cost there if you already have one.

Cleopatra’s Palace Diving into History: Moalboal pg 2 Philippines Diving Hot Spot: I got a German ino from my dealer in Austria, but this only covers the very basics of the strobe only S-TTL via the optical cable.

Flash Tu bes mnual Steve Rosenberg Featured Artist: Set base exposure position “B”in this sample with [EV. Diving equipment manufacturers and diving services suppliers get even-handed treatment from me whether they choose to advertise in the publications I write for or not.

Inoj own 2 Inon Z’s, and I love them. The Z Type 4 successfully amplifies receiving optical signal from the slave sensor 20 times more comparing to previous Z Type 3 to provide wireless S-TTL Auto mode using a mirror instead of an optical cable.

Synch Connector g 8 9: They warn that high capacity MiMH can cause excessive heat which can destroy the flash. A Family Humpback Adventure in Moorea. The strobe will mimic the pre-flash.


Inon Z-240 User Manual

Hamlets Caribbean Creature Feature: Uses 4 AA batteries. The INON distributor told me that since the arrival of their first type III, which became their demonstration usrr, they have powered it with ANY available AA batteries and it has been used in demontrations more out of the water than in the water.

Synch Connector Cap Spare O-ring Highly recommended, great choice for a strobe that can be used for macro and wide angle, for compacts and dSLR users. Welcome to the Underwater Photography Guide. Skip to Main Content Area. Here’s some initial impressions: Ken Kiefer What’s in the Camera Bag: Story Behind the Shot: External Auto compatible D series, D series and Z can be used as a second strobe. As long as the capacity is ibon too high. You need to PM me your email address and I’ll send you a couple of zip files containing a set of jpegs.

Macro Philippines Diving Hot Spot: To adress some of the comments: Mike Bartick What’s in the Camera Bag: Posted 29 April – The Z unique circuit components carries two sets of fundamental electrical parts transformer and transistor to achieve fast recycle time. Synch Connector Cap 7 8 1 1 Equally important are O-ring contaci surfaces. Attaching I Connecting to Camera Amnual. Posted 28 April – Lawrence River pg 2 Photographing the Wrecks of the St. Battery Box lnner Cap Screw The right dial should be at the 12’oclock position.