Infrared Training by Infraspection Institute-the most important investment a . Infraspection application standards provide a blueprint for both specifying and. FAQs. • What is Thermography? • Are There Any Standards for Thermography ?.

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Tuition for Infraspection open enrollment courses includes the following: During our long history, we have shaped the infrared industry through training, technical consulting, technical publications, research, standards development, and software publishing.

Infraspection certification is good for life and does not expire. Prior editions available in English. As an alternative, students may also take their exam via a video conference link to one of our Level III Distance Learning Instructors. In addition to providing inwtitute Master Thermographer directory on our website, Infraspection Institute will encourage buyers to require their suppliers to be members of our program.

Our courses are inrraspection to allow a student to quickly master the technology enabling a company to see an immediate return on their investment.

Infraspection Institute Master Thermographer™ Program

Contact us for more information or to purchase a course that will meet your needs. Thermography is widely used in industry for predictive infraspecction, condition assessment, quality assurance, and forensic investigations of electrical, mechanical and structural systems. LC Engineering Services Sdn. On-site classes may be conducted for any number of students and are generally cost-effective with classes of 5 or more students.


International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Certified Infrared Thermographer’s Association.

Initial membership is granted for two years. Each Infraspection infrared standard provides simple imfraspection straightforward procedures along with the requirements for properly documenting test results. Our courses integrate theory, practice, and case studies in a fun, relaxed atmosphere designed to maximize your learning experience.

There are a number of standards and specifications published for infrared thermography.

Master Thermographer program from Infraspection Institute

Infrared thermography is a non-contact, non-destructive test method that utilizes a thermal imager to detect, display, and record thermal patterns and temperatures across the surface of an object. Consequently, course content often varies widely between infrared training firms.

Any thermographer meeting the eligibility requirements intraspection points may apply for membership. Infraspection infrared standards are updated periodically to keep abreast of industry and technological changes. Recognizing the need for standardized procedures, Infraspection Institute began publishing guidelines for thermography in American Society for Testing and Materials. This application standard outlines practices and procedures for specifying and safely performing infrared inspections of building envelopes to detect excess energy loss, latent moisture and structural details.

Each brings years of unmatched, real-world infraspectiion to the classroom.

Infraspection Institute does not charge renewal fees nor is it conditional upon your future attendance at technical conferences.


Renewal applications should be made at least 2 months prior to expiration.

Infrared training course schedule – Infraspection Institute

Other applications include, but are not limited to: This comprehensive document outlines practices and procedures for specifying and safely performing infrared inspections of the hulls of recreational yachts and small craft constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic FRP or marine composite materials. The standard covers procedures for both ground based and aerial inspections. On-site training provides a cost-effective alternative to attending open-enrollment classes. Eight comprehensive standards are available from Infraspection Institute.

The Conference Center is easily reached from major highways and is approximately 50 miles from both Philadelphia International and Liberty International Airports. It also specifies report content for properly documenting qualitative and quantitative infrared inspections along with requirements for verifying infrared data.

Infrared Training

Infraspection certification is good for life and does not expire. Infraspection Institute instructors use extraordinary techniques to deliver stimulating, effective, and relevant instruction. The standard covers procedures for thermal imaging of horse bodies and as an aid to saddle fitting.