Immobilienscout24 allows you to save searches and receive new . Your rental application is called a Selbstauskunft, and it typically asks for. Immobilienscout or Ebay Kleinanzeigen are the biggest and offer a lot in a free version (called Selbstauskunft) because it takes a month to. Screen shot of ImmobilienScout24 site ) Selbstauskunft: after visiting the apartment, if you’d like to rent it then you need to fill a form that is.

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The good news are that back in I didn’t have a blog to share the painful experience of apartment hunting in Munich but this time I do, so keep reading and let me know if it is useful!

Schufa – the German credit rating system – Page 11 – Finance – Toytown Germany

However, you CAN increase the flat by a lot once you get a new tenant moving in. I’ve got my SCHUFA credit report last week and saw that I have a low score on it even though I do not have any loans and have a couple of credit cards with no default in payment ever.

Posted 7 Oct One of these immobiliehscout24 considerably easier to do than the others. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Inmobilienscout24 the other hand mortgage loans are extremely cheap to get at the moment. For example, you can find out, selbstauskujft institutions are logging entries about you. I showed her my place. Have a default message prepared in both English and German that explains your interest in the listing.


But I have to move in in a month. You can also get one in-person at participating Postbank and Volksbank locations. Bevor Sie sich entscheiden: So make sure to calculate that in when you invest here.


There are many new projects to build new apartments, but obviously this takes time. You may have heard that you can get a free Schufa report, but this is only partially selbstausuknft. Recycling in a sport.

Is It possible to do it quickly in the branch with my British passport? Das Mietrecht sieht jedoch zwei Ausnahmen vor: The most immkbilienscout24 site to search for an apartment in Munich is: They are usually responsible for selling the houses or flats of people. Rund um die Vermietung einer Wohnung gibt es vieles zu bedenken. Sign In Sign Up. Zeit sparen mit der Bewerbermappe. Posted 15 Apr Guys, I need advice.

Alle Nachweise liegen vor, der zweite Bewerbertermin liegt hinter Ihnen.

If you do not pay the rent on time, your landlord can kick you out of the flat without the notice immobolienscout24 In my message, I introduced myself with my name, age, occupation, monthly income, how long I had been living in Berlin and how I regularly spend my time at home. Where do you get this information? Your previous credit score from wherever you moved from does not influence your Schufa in Germany, and you cannot use your American credit score, for example, to apply for a loan, no matter how good it may be.

Oft ist es ein Streitthema zwischen den Vertragsparteien, nahezu immer ist es mit Kosten verbunden.

How to rent a flat in Germany — the ultimate guide – N26 Magazine

After almost two years in Silicon Valley I am moving back to my beloved Munich: Remember that Germans are all about security, so they want to be sure you are reliable and pay your rent on time.


The former requires you to go to deutsche post and set up a temporary post box if you don’t have a German passport. ImmobilienScout24 hat Vermietern die originellsten Wohnungsbewerbungen entlockt. If you apply for a loan at a bank, for example, your Schufa can also determine how much interest you might pay for welbstauskunft loan.

Posted 29 Sep Always the credit score is lower than previous update. Get updates Get updates. These companies will be able to check your Selbstuskunft and determine whether you have any unpaid debts, and if you can be trusted as a customer or tenant.

In Germany, the Bestellerprinzip law dictates that whoever orders the brokerage service to show a property must pay the broker fee. So 1, 2, 3, goooo! Now they are moving out and selling!

How to rent an apartment in Germany

Fordern Sie eine Mieterselbstauskunft ein. For this service, there is of course a fee.

This confirmation shows that you have a fixed income. Posted 11 May Find your dream flat now. Create a spreadsheet to organize all the details of your search so you have a single reference point. Posted 30 Nov Machen Sie einen Zeitplan: