Il secolo breve by Eric J. Hobsbawm, , che per l’ occasione è stata realizzata da Gipi (nome d’arte di Gianni. Il secolo breve. ( L’epoca piu’ violenta della storia dell’umanita’). by Hobsbawm Eric J. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles. Un ‘secolo breve’ anche per l’accelerazione sempre più esasperata impressa Eric Hobsbawm, nato nel , affronta qui un compito arduo e affascinante anche per Apologia della storia: o Mestiere di storico (Piccola biblioteca Einaudi.

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Il secolo breve 1914-1991

There are also chapters dedicated to the arts at the end of each of the three main sections of the book and devote very little space to explore the more recognizable changes of the century. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Two massive global conflicts, a major economic collapse during the inter war years, the rise of political extremes that sparked off the second world conflict, a period of economic growth after the second world war that has never been equaled, the s counter-culture wave, and the collapse of the Soviet Bloc characterises these years.

The Marxists are too busy arguing over minutiae to lend their worldview to great spans of time. Jan 24, Michael rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The rest of it was pretty forgettable.

So that rounds off Hobsbawm’s tetralogy on the 19th and 20th centuries. Ours is no less great. The period was a canyon which henceforth made a return to not merely impossible, but unthinkable” For who else was there to turn to?


Il secolo breve : Eric J. Hobsbawm :

An avowed communist in his sympathies, Hobsbawm nonetheless writes a secoll balanced history of his times, with interesting sidelights on the art and science of the century. I’ve never read a better history than this one. So Hobsbawm offers something that was definitely missing. Turing committed suicide inafter having been convicted of homosexual behaviour, then officially ssecolo crime, and believed to be a medically or psychologically curable pathological condition.

The Age of Extremes: Want to Read saving….

For Hobsbawm, the Depression vindicated Keynesian economics in two respects. Morte e resurrezioni delle ideologie e dei dogmi: I’m not so sure This is a book only for people that know history, since on many ocassions the reader is expected to already know what happened ik a particular time period.

Charles Maier

But in what seems like a plot-hole in his analysis, the Keynesian economics of the Golden Age was likewise unsustainable even by Hobsbawm’s own admission. I remember, a long time ago I read this when it was first published in – I was a social history student at Swansea Uni – and my lecturer told me this book was a ‘departure for Hobsbawm’. Italian Similar books to Il secolo breve: Aug 19, Justin Evans rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hobsbawm concedes that a return to classical Keynesian economics is no longer a possibility in a world in which the nation-state and its traditional powers and mechanisms to control the economy are rapidly prostrating themselves before the mercy of the globalized marketplace.

Quotes from The Age of Extrem Their only hope of salvation was reform and modulation of classical liberalism itself. He stops for entire pages to comment on the wrongdoings of the United States and the United Nations towards the “poor” communist nations, yet he only mentions the horrific acts in communist nations for example the Tiananmen Square Massacre or the Soviet Gulags in cryptic and offhanded references.


But were the insights worth the effort? It was Americans who infused the conflict with “crusader rhetoric”, he declaims.

I read this with a ton of hope: As one would expect, there is a great deal of discussion of the history of the USSR, and while his predisposition is visible here, he does not flinch from describing gulags, purges, and famines where they contribute to the story.

Because of Hobsbawm’s Marxist background a lot of people immediately attack him, some quite venomously once he was safely in the grave e.

Perestroika and glasnost were last ditch reforms that undermined the military-style structure that had allowed the Soviet Union to survive all this time, precipitating its collapse. If you wish to make your flesh crawl with the horrors of the Communist regimes, or wish to see capitalism extolled to the skies, this is not the book for you.

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This reversal of moral progress is a key, recurring theme with Hobsbawm. I found this book extremely difficult to read.

This played directly into the hands of Stalin, who modified the original Bolshevik vision to mean “socialism in one country” and proceeded to build up the USSR at the expense of fomenting revolution elsewhere in the world. I also found his commentary on the origins of the trend of women working outside the household hobsgawm be thought-provoking.