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Los autores presentan los resultados correspondientes a maquetas del reactor TRIGA en las que se emplean medios multiplicadores y no multiplicadores.

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Chlorophyll was incorporated into chitosan films, forming intelligent systems able to detect variations in temperature. Full Text Available We have developed a P-wave arrival time detector of tectonic events over digital three-component records online. The energy efficiency of an electric system depends in great extent of the reactive power compensation that is carried out. The other part has the routines and procedures to calculate the sun position for any date and position over the earth, and the horizontal and vertical protection angles.

Este sistema fue simulado satisfactoriamente utilizando redes neuronales. The search of efficient solutions is attained using the evolutive multiobjective optimization technique called NSGA-II together with a powerful codification strategy and genetic operators specially developed for the configuration of the electric network.

English, A4 size, 17 p, file: English, A4 size, 16 p. Los rangos estudiados fueron: Duarte and Rafael P. Con antelacion, se realizo un estudio de las condiciones de frontera, tanto del material de la tobera como de las condiciones de operacion de la turbina, durante ciclos de paro, arranque y disparo.

Ademas el programa contiene las ecuaciones de un panel fotovoltaico con las que es posible obtener la energia en un lapso de una hora, utilizando como dato de entrada la radiacion a traves de un dia tipico de cada mes y la curva de oferta de energia electrica o curva de energia electrica proporcionada por el panel fotovoltaico escogido. Portuguese, A4 size, 8 p. Based on this scenario, some sophisticated computational tools have been used such as the Reactor Excursion and Leak Analysis Program RELAP5which is the most widely used code for the thermo-hydraulic analysis of accidents and transients in nuclear reactors in Brazil and worldwide.

During fifteen days, fifteen sessions were realized: Se concluye que el control de factores de. Children identified as suffering from eye problems were treated, according to the criteria: Nowdays the computer vision field is shown as a technique that will facilitate those activities that are not noticed or those that have not been caught because of a lack of information.


Full Text Available The radiopacity of esthetic restorative materials has been established as an important requirement, improving the radiographic diagnosis. Thus, for those calculations performance and preparation of RELAP5 input data, a friendly mathematical preprocessor was designed. Control of a deareador level of a thermoelectric power station using modern control techniques; Control de nivel de un deareador de una central termoelectrica utilizando tecnicas de control moderno.

The structural key point of those materials are the joints. Pedroza and Antonio C. Se presenta el diseno de los circuitos fuente de corriente continua y circuito impreso para el modulo inteligente de potencia y de los programas algoritmos de control y de la estrategia de modulacion con vectores espaciales necesarios que se utilizaron durante la implementacion del accionamiento del motor. Based on the obtained results, it follows that the younger the patient and the larger the field area, the higher the dose in assessed organs and tissues.

English, Letter size, 6 p. Portuguese, A4 size, 15 p. To solve the optimization ppnto that calculates the control law, a genetic algorithm based optimization tool is used. The wax layer visualization through the scanning microscope is difficult due to some problems of.

Existen diferencias entre territorios en enfermedades respiratorias, perinatales, digestivas y lesiones intencionadas. The influence of ammonia and thiosulfate concentration and the presence of impurities such as copper and zinc were also evaluated. A numerical example is given. The use of molecular markers may serve to direct crossings, new hybrids and mutants, besides confirm and identify new genotypes for commercial igeo-serevr.igeo.ufrj.br.

The use, therefore, of high-performance software to. Various studies have identified the potential use of serology in the classification of patients for treatment purposes, case monitoring, identification of the risk of relapse and selection of household contacts with a higher risk of contracting the disease.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

The algorithm was developed in MATLAB and is able to find a set of topologies that minimize two objectives under the concept of Pareto dominance. In accordance with clinical protocols, the conformal radiotherapy delivers a low dose to the adjacent healthy tissues.


Portuguese, A4 size, 56 p. French, A4 size, 12 p.

With this web site it is intended to cover the necessity of having simple and reliable means for architects and civil engineers to support the use of solar energy and the saving of energy in bioclimatic design of buildings.

It is presented a software application for calculating the thickness of the thermal insulation used in various facilities where there are thermal systems using solar energy.

Esto involucra la confiabilidad de fuentes de generacion y medios de transmision que afecta en la transferencia de potencia a traves del sistema de transmision que conlleva a perdida de carga y caidas de voltaje entre la generacion y los centros de consumo. Portuguese, A4 size, 13p. Portuguese, A4 size, 54 p.

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In order ponfo check the computer program, simulations were performed for adult patients using the original code ADAM. Bernui de; Cardenas R, A. English, Letter, 16 p. The results obtained with the Gibson method were used for calibration of the on-line flow measuring system based on the Winter-Kennedy method as one of the index methods.

These solids are discretized with truss elements 2D and 3D aiming to obtain analytically internal force vector and the tangent stiffness matrix. Small ruminant lentiviruses SRLV are distributed worldwide and eos persistent infections in sheep and goats.

The results of using the graphical interface shows a simple way to make preliminary designs of distillation towers and igeo-server.igeo.ufrj.be potential as support material for the study and understanding of basic concepts in multicomponent distillation. Model predictive control, System identification and parameter estimation, Kalman filter, Disturbance rejection, Mining, metalurgy, metals and materials.