PDF | On Oct 1, , Eric Hágsater and others published Icones Orchidacearum fasc. 2: the genus Epidendrum part 1 (A century of new species in. towards uncovering part of the ungraspable diversity hidden within Colombia. The editors. Icones Colombianae 1. Next → · SPECIES ORCHIDACEARUM. Icones Orchidacearum. This series features black-and-white botanical illustrations of orchids, prepared from living plants, with analytical details of floral and.

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Go to Conservation Land Management. The species appears to be widespread and found in protected areas. Published six times a year, British Wildlife bridges the gap between popular writing and scientific literature through a combination of long-form articles, regular columns and reports, book reviews and letters. Lithophytic, m altitude. Benton Richard Fortey View Orcuidacearum.

Icones Orchidacearum Peruviarum Drawings by Bennett, D.e.; Chritenson, E.a.

Boufford,Index to orchifacearum vascular plant types collected by H. Roots 2 mm in diameter, basal, fleshy, white. Click to have a closer look. Orchids of Mexico, PartIcon.

Leaves [1], aggregate towards the apex of the pseudobulb, coriaceous, icnoes blade 7. Floral bract very small, hidden by the spathe. The only way to systematically study the orchid flora of the country is by joining efforts, in essence by adding up the hundreds of local studies that are and will be carried out by diverse people and institutions.


Icones Orchidacearum Peruviarum [Drawings 1-200]

Leaves 13, distributed throughout along the apical half of the stem, sub-erect, fleshy; sheath x 4 mm tubular, orchidaceearum striated when dry, green; blade 6. Column 9 mm long, thin, straight, the apex bidentate. Leavesdistichous, spreading, fleshy-coriaceous, articulate, pale green to reddish; sheath 1. It is very similar to Epidendrum apaganoides D.

Smith from Santa Marta has yellow green flowers with an immaculate white lip, and also has filiform petals, and the lip is much wider between the apical lobes which are oblong, divaricate and falcate.

Clinandrium-hood conspicuous, projecting beyond the anther, margin entire.

Epiphytic, caespitose, sympodial, dwarf, compact, herb, 5. Anther reniform, with a low keel in front, minutely papillose, 4-celled. The photographer Luis F. Column 6 mm long, thick, straight, the apex turned upwards.

Icones Orchidacearum, Fascicle 15(2) | NHBS Academic & Professional Books

Floral bract not orchjdacearum. Lip x mm, united to the column, 3- lobed, sub-obreniform, with a short, wide, triangular mid-lobe in the sinus, apically the lateral and mid lobes reach an imaginary straight line, horizontally revolute in natural position; bicallose, the calli small, disc with prominent, radiating, thickened veins; lateral lobes 8.


Rolfe, Illustration Horticole Similar to Epidendrum polythallum Est. Sepals x mm, free, spreading, fleshy, elliptic, apex acute, margin entire.

Leavesdistributed along the upper half of the stem, alternate, articulate, erect-spreading; sheaths 2- 5 x 0. However, specimens appear to be scarce.

Icones Orchidacearum

Pollinia 4, obovoid, laterally compressed, caudicles soft, shorter than the pollinia; viscidium semi-liquid, transparent. Epidendrum secundum has pink flowers with a massive yellow callus, the edges white, flowers somewhat larger, it is not found atop the tepuis, but at the foot or on the slopes around the middle slopes of the tepuis.

Flowering in cultivation in October in Mexico. Icones Orchidacearum, Fascicle Cerro de la Neblina Camp II. The type specimen had only three pollinia, which is unusual for this group of species, the normal number orcchidacearum four.

Surroundings of Chiguinda, ca. Cerro de La Neblina, 2. Orchidaceearum passed away on January 29th,having lived with Hepatitis C since childhood, but in his last few days he swiftly deteriorated as organ failure occurred suddenly.