Icebreaker has ratings and 34 reviews. Allen said: If Hitler had delayed the invasion of the Soviet Union by two weeks, Europe would today be speakin. ICEBREAKER. Who Started the. Second World War? Viktor Suvorov. Translated by Thomas B. Beattie. HAMISH HAMILTON. London. ICEBREAKER Who Started the Second World War? Viktor Suvorov Translated by Thomas B. Beattie HAMISH HAMILTON London For my brother Hamish.

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Hitler understood this much better than did the leaders of Britain, France or the United States. When the first five-year plan began, the Red Army had 92 tanks.

In the years which immediately followed, Stalin demoted from the highest level of the Party all those who aspired to the post of leader, pushing them down to increasing depths until they ended up in the cellars of the Lubyanka jail.

It was during and that the terror even spread to the communist leaders themselves. Krestinsky, the plenipotentiary representative, or ambassador in Germany, set to work with feverish intensity.

Among the many secrets is one which is especially well kept: Icebreaker is based on the author’s meticulous scouring of such published sources as memoirs of wartime Soviet military leaders, and histories of individual Soviet divisions, corps, armies, fleets, and air units. Instead, he says that his division met Germans after they passed the frontier posts and defeated another division.

Let the history of the war be written, not from 22 June, but from the moment when the communist hordes, without any declaration of war, took belligerent action in an already weakened Poland, whose army was trying in a heroic but unequal struggle to stop Hitler’s drive to the east. Open Preview See a Problem?

Icebreaker (Suvorov) – Wikipedia

Soviet propaganda begins its history of the war from the moment when foreign troops appeared on Soviet territory and thus presents the Soviet Union as an innocent victim.

Tukhachevsky’s icebeaker were defeated before reaching Warsaw and shamefully retreated. It came too late to be successful. Nor were there motorways in any of the countries which bordered the Soviet Union in The only territories where tanks could be used, after their caterpillar tracks were removed, were Germany, France and Belgium.



Throughout history, every army has had a basic mission, one that requires corresponding preparations. Many years later, when the Havas agency report and Stalin’s refutation of it had long been forgotten, thirteen volumes of Stalin’s essays were published in the Soviet Union. Viktor Suvorov is a somewhat famous ex-GRU spy who defected and wrote a series of books.

Train and organize a Second Echelon army and secretly begin moving it towards the German border? The Soviet Union has grown significantly and has moved its frontiers westwards. It was a way of defending the Franco-German border so French forces could be concentrated for offensive purposes. Suvorov describes in well documented detail what the Red Army was doing and what they were thinking. It was simply that no one had trained them to do this. It is an order of the Red Army.

Stalin did a great deal to see that just such a leader should appear at the head of the German nation.

They were not preparing for it, nor had they any intention of preparing for it. The Politburo decided at a secret meeting that nothing would be spared. This was done elsewhere only ten or twenty years later. Let Germany fight in the West, let Germany and the Western allies exhaust themselves one after the other to the greatest extent possible; we ourselves suvoroc help Germany at any icehreaker to exhaust herself to the very limit, and then act.

The declaration accompanying the formation of the USSR was a dear and direct declaration of war on the rest of the world. In effect, Stalin got the war he wanted, with a western nation destroying others around it, while Stalin remained neutral, biding his time.

Things went horribly wrong when Germany attacked Russia only weeks before Russia was set to attack Germany. The Soviet Command was no longer interested in defending its own territory. It would be simply impossible to use hundreds of thousands of airborne troops and thousands of transport aircraft and gliders in any other situation.

Chasovye Sovetskikh granits, Moscow ; p.

Icebreaker by Viktor Suvorov

Polonia a cazut sub comunisti, iar aliatii s-au lins pe bot cu motivul principal al razboiului. An alliance should be sought with them against Hitler. If an invasion were being planned, these maintenance tasks would have been completed.


Hitler’s motives towards Poland, as laid out in Mein Kampf, are kcebreaker.

The declaration that accompanied the formation of the USSR itemized four republics; it was intended to go on increasing this number until the whole world formed part of it. This view was often repeated subsequently at closed sessions. Indeed, Lenin set his hand to this precisely at the time when Germany was losing the war iicebreaker the West and he had extracted a ‘peace’ agreement from her at her most vulnerable.

Tukhachevsky’s defeat did not happen by chance. By 1 Septembermore of them had been produced than any other tank of any other type by any other country anywhere else in the world.

The communist turned out to be many times more terrible than the imperialist war. Previously prepared and carried out in the first days of the war.

The liberation of Europe was brought forward from the summer of to the summer of Anti-tank ditches should have been dug and given anti-tank artillery cover.

An attempt to establish the exact date on which the Second World War began, and the time when the Soviet Union came into it, inescapably leads us, in fact, to the date of 19 August Upon landing, the wings and tail were quickly detached, making the tank immediately ready for battle.

Communist historians have tried, though without any success, to devise answers to the question as to why Stalin agreed to help Hitler force a corridor through Poland. But I cannot translate it all – suvirov is probably easier if you ask questions about specific claims Suvorov made. Icebrdaker builds defensive emplacements and obstacles, lays extensive minefields, and digs tank traps and ditches.

One million Soviet troops crossing would be more than icebreaket Polish military Nor does it consider itself even to have then been a participant in the war.