Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Yamaha HS80M. Rated / 5 by 59 customers!. The Yamaha HS80M monitors throw a nod to the classic NS monitors. The white cones, black enclosures and honest referencing are the. The Yamaha HS80M is a powered 8″ studio monitor styled after the classic NS- 10M. It has W of bi-amplified power and switchable attenuation and.

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The Yamaha HS80M’s a set of recording studio monitors. These are much more precise and full frequency encompassing. They can be compared to the KRKs and Mackies. The curve of frequency response is excellent, the low end thumps!

Yamaha HS80M Reference Monitor Review

Write a user review. The best way that I know to describe them would be to label them as crisp and well defined. The white-woofers, black frames and the flat, honest response are similar to the iconic, once-upon-a-time staple of every studio, the NS They are reliable it never me makes good fake. uamaha

The Yamaha HS80M reference monitor features a look that is instantly recognizable as a throwback to the NS monitors. The Original Vince Carter on Do kbps mp3 files really hs80, better? The stereo image is restored, and the dynamic is good. These will give you a wow factor that you will need, go to a store and try them out asap. Beyond the sound, the Yamaha HS80 looks as good as it sounds, what with its iconic looks, yamaja lighted hs8m Yamaha logo, polypropylene white woofer cones, rubber surrounds, full magnetic shielding, premium quality MDF material cabinet which delivers a tight bass response and a multi-layered coated black finish that reduces resonance to a minimum.

I appreciate this monitor for precision tweeter. Attention to the bass reflex positioned at the rear, do not put them too close to the wall if you can operate a low-cut button provided for this purpose, but suddenly it changes the frequency response. Boosts or Cuts to suit your listening environment can be made here, or one can leave the monitor in its neutral settings yammaha get a flat output, even in a tuned room.


In addition, adjustments to the rear with the power button are not practical. The result listening on any other system still meets my expectations.

Even with bass sounds. The Yamaha HS80M have been sitting on my workstation desk several times.

The Yamaha HS80M monitors are good value for the money, because of the excellent and honest mix that they deliver for mixing while drastically reducing ear fatigue. The best part about these is they are very accurate and have great precision. This makes the monitors extremely versatile, allowing you to mix everything from country to rock, and rap to hip-hop though you might want to add a sub-woofer to the set-up. I chose these monitor speakers after listening to the dealer.

They’re great for monitoring during recording as well as for mixing but as always it’s good for your main monitors to have a companion for mixing too.

Great neutral and accurate sounds come out of these monitors. With an active monitor featuring built-in bi-amplified power, various trims, ability to tune to different room set-ups and a precise and accurate gain control, coupled with pleasing sound and tonal hs0m, the Yamaha HS80M is a solid choice.

The sound seems very clean, excellent dynamics.

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Our members also liked: Don’t be fooled by the look, as these are no NSm ‘s, and although they are modeled to look like them they don’t have the same kind of sound at all.

I could not find 10 ns so I look at this model.

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Add-Ons With the Yamaha HS80M one has the option of opting for an Enhancement Pack which includes an adjustable monitor sound allowing it to be positioned at ear-level and a set of Auralex MoPADS that helps to isolate the monitor from the stand and thus reduce distortion. Recent Comments Ayam Sirias on Name your band, create cover art and name your first album…randomly!

These are good monitors proximity but because my home studio instead evolved into the studio with amateur governed, they show their limits due to the remoteness and the requirement.

Did you find this review helpful? To conclude, this is a good pair of monitor with a very good value to start over, but it is a little specialty Yamaha. This means that what you hear is what you get. If your mix sounds good on the Yamaha HS80M, then it will sound good anywhere else. Les filters at the rear are efficaces. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

It also has an EQ setting at the rear which is further divided into four parts: J ‘appreciates the precision tweeter. With the Yamaha HS80M one has the option of opting for an Enhancement Pack which includes an adjustable monitor sound allowing it to be positioned at ear-level and a set of Auralex MoPADS that helps to isolate the monitor from the stand and thus reduce distortion.

The overall sound is clear and precise. I also have a semi accoustic treated room with some foam on the walls an a few bass traps in the corner which help a lot.