A History of Africa (African History Archive) [Hosea Jaffe] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Spanning more than two thousand years of. Spanning more than two thousand years of African history, from the African Iron Age to the collapse of colonialism and the beginnings of independence, Hosea. Editorial Reviews. Review. `[Jaffe’s] views are indeed stimulating and should reopen a A History of Africa (African History Archive) – Kindle edition by Hosea Jaffe. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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The NEF closed shop soon afterwards.

Very soon it became the established form in the broad liberation movement, and reached its apotheosis in the late eighties when even De Klerk was compelled to accept non-racialism as the prescription for a future South Africa.

It stood for the right to jafce and sell land with the added rider that a new division of the land should be the first task of a Democratic parliament. The decision regarding the annual conference aroused bitter argumentation.

Jaffeism was the choice invective hurled by the disciples of Mr Tabata. The Building of Unity propounded the view that the mass of the people was already organised in a multitude of organisations.

About the Author

By doing a post hoc attack on Trotsky, Jaffe endeavours to dismiss the Trotskyist label. Most but not all. Human society was part of nature. The signposts Jaffe has pointed out in my opinion do not reflect the situation as it really existed during the period But the era of collaboration had passed.

When the new school term opened init was discovered that Jaffe had left the country. Jaaffewhen the letter was written the existence of races was not seriously contested.

Oral history interview with Hosea Jaffe [Part 1 of 3]

The views expressed have been dealt with in more detail in Searchlight South Africa No. The NEUM responded with the weapon of the boycott. This background of the situation is important so that one can get a clearer understanding of the role of the person whom the Tabata faction regarded as the arch-villain namely Hosea Jaffe. The Indians on the other hand were enjoined not to associate with jfafe other two groups as they, the Indians, came from a civilisation stretching back for a thousand years, etc.


Non-collaboration, thus was an irrefutable principle.

I cast my vote against Jaffe, and his motion was lost by one vote. It forced the authorities to delay the transfer until April The clarion call of Apartheid by the Malanites found the majority of the White population rapturously responsive.

In the Torch ceased to be published. Teachers came to the homes of the poor and a spirit of camaraderie was fostered. Tobias, the anthropologist and member of the Movement, declared that jafre was a biological fact. The stage was set for a hossea and systematic assault on the last remaining rights of the hosfa.

Things in the movement would never be the same again. For someone who was so integrally involved in the split, he certainly is economical with the truth. This had been achieved over the generations by a policy of divide and rule through which the rulers had created almost unbridgeable schisms among the population groups.

The Movement gave the Soviet intervention its complete support. Not all have stood the test of time. Jaffe first deals with the labelling of the movement as Trotskyist.

In brief the pamphlet put forward a novel view of setting about the task of organising the masses.

I suggested that perhaps the organisational jfafe were flawed: There appeared to be none of their stature able to take their place. That radical statement was by none other than Mr Jaffe himself. The Naffe were also bought off by allowing them limited voting rights, and freedom from the kind of legislation that bound the Africans such as the pass laws, and the right to buy and sell property as well as giving the Coloured pupil more than double the amount of money in the educational system as compared with the African child.

Joe Rassool: Role of Hosea Jaffe

The Coloured Advisory Council, it was stated, was to be merely what its name implied namely to advise the government of the legitimate needs of the Coloured people. Wessels led the group insisting that we meet the challenge head-on. The major section, the Africans, was still subject to tribal separateness, and ancient hates were kept alive despite the efforts of the Congress movement, established in and the All African Convention, established in jadfe mid-thirties, to strive to break down the barriers.


But Jaffe outdoes himself regarding the Muslims of Bosnia. Prior to the banning of Ben Kies in Jaffe had kept his views on the three pillar federal structure of the movement relatively low-key.

To keep the Coloureds in the White kitchen they were reminded that they had white jaffs that flowed in their veins. It was classic economic reductionism. It had ousted the softly, softly approach haffe social control issues of The United Party of General Smuts. The pioneer thinkers in the movement like Kies and Tabata accepted the term. Ever since then it became politically correct to use the term in inverted commas.

In response to this and as one who had been directly and actively involved in the organisation from toI hope to shed some light on the movement which I believe made a significant imprint on the liberation struggle. Most of the previous historiographers were outside of the Movement or, having leanings towards the Congress movement, gave a biased account.

In the December at a special meeting of the NEF convened to deal with this proposition, the membership gathered to debate whether the 3 Pillar structure should be scrapped. I recall some of the more striking ones to reveal their nature and range. Coupled with this there was the weapon of the boycott. This we interpreted as a pro-middle class step. The ten-point programme encapsulated the minimum demands for participation in a democratic society.

From the time Jaffe expressed this in it became customary to speak of so-called Coloureds, so-called Africans, etc.

Sharpeville rocked the Herrenvolk state as never before. What on the other hand has been researched is the fact that Turkish rule did not force Christians to become Muslims.