Hope: A Tragedy: A Novel [Shalom Auslander] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Notable Book The rural town of. Hope: A Tragedy. Shalom Auslander. Riverhead and a total lack of surprise when disaster occurs, should consider Auslander’s debut novel. We all know that the Holocaust is a great source of comedy, right? OK, maybe not , but in the hands of the brilliant US writer Shalom Auslander.

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First he gives up society, by losing his job while trying to get rid of Anne. Although, you kind of know this guy is doomed.

Hope: A Tragedy by Shalom Auslander

Destroy it if you have to. She raised him from an early age to believe that all of his forefathers had perished in WWII, and that she had narrowly escaped with her life. Literary Fiction Spiritual Fiction Category: Coming back to it months later, I still remember all the outrageous things that made me laugh, or made me shake my head in confusion.

Exactly, said Sergeant Frankel.

Auslander started as a short story writer, and this really feels padded to novel length. He’s quick and vivid, but that’s not why this novel should be praised. Having read and enjoyed Auslander’s memoir, ‘Foreskin’s Lament’, I’d thought about buying this novel quite a few times before finding it in a second hand shop. Unfortunately he must bring along his old dying mother, a non-holocaust survivor who nevertheless has taken on all the guilt and anxiety of one who feels she should have been there — and in fact would have made a good victim.


Hope: a Tragedy by Shalom Auslander: review

A Woody X neurotic Jew Solomon Kugel moves his wife, child, and mother to a farmhouse in the country only to discover a decrepit Anne Frank living in his attic. Topics Anne Frank The Observer.

In the story, Sol thinks back on his childhood, being raised by his mother in a single-parent household with the ever present theme of her suffering through the Holocaust. There is some great writing, Especially in the epilogue “Fiction will return, I promise you, especially when the non-fiction is too damned much to bear. Jan 12, Minutes.

Set in NY State, the novel concentrates on Solomon Kugel, a neurotic, pessimistic character, almost playing to what in the past may have been considered a stereotypical Jewish Having read and enjoyed Auslander’s memoir, ‘Foreskin’s Lament’, I’d thought about buying this novel quite a few times before finding it in a second hand shop. Your mother’s my age, Solomon. Mar 25, K rated it it was ok Shelves: This book did not work for me. To me, Anne Frank never was a hero, just a human, childlike voice in the darkest hour of history.

So, imagine Kugel, and his pragmatism, buying an old farmhouse and trying to raise his son in a non-hostile, non Holocaust, environment. Anne Frank who rose from the dead and hid in his attic, forcing his epiphany.

Hope: a Tragedy by Shalom Auslander: review – Telegraph

I don’t want to read your whiny, idiotic review about how completely unrealistic this book is. So we build structures of misremembering: Soloman Kugel is one heck of a funny protagonist add the supporting characters: It would have been the least I could do. And when, one night, Kugel discovers history-a living, breathing, thought-to-be-dead specimen of history-hiding upstairs in his attic, bad quickly becomes worse. So I’ve got to start with all that by saying I liked this quite a bit more than I thought I would.


Seems the right thing to do… Except… he encounters a slight um. After a day of reflection, though, I think what’s holding me back from a higher review is Shalom Auslander’s first full-length novel takes a slight detour from his usual angst about Orthodoxy see Foreskin’s Lament and Beware of God: Anyway, Kugel is an extreme exaggeration of many of my thoughts and feelings. May 06, Elyse Walters rated it really liked it Shelves: Therefore Kugel prepares himself for his own tragic-less end by consciously making absurd choices.

Instead of making me sm This book did not work for me.

His wife is upset that his mother is living with them and not dying fast enough I was never able to tell what exactly was wrong with mom as she seemed quite spunky and it was also never mentioned why the wife wanted her out so bad. It reminds us of the Holocaust.