Faceless Killers (Kurt Wallander) [Henning Mankell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One frozen January morning at 5am, Inspector. From the dean of Scandinavian noir, the first riveting installment in the internationally bestselling and universally acclaimed Kurt Wallander series, the basis for. Faceless Killers [Henning Mankell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the dean of Scandinavian noir, the first riveting installment in the.

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I admire his passion for solving the crimesand excellent work on the part of his team. Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell 3 20 Sep 04, Why, we men all do that, right?

Meanwhile Mankell had not forgotten his dream of Africa. It is about the life of Kurt Wallander and everything mankdll, including the mystery, is just a part of his life.

Faceless Killers

killes November – Faceless Killers 15 63 Dec 07, We love our wives but still have hots for pretty ladies we meet. Dear Bruno Alice Trillin. What do their interactions reveal about why the marriage failed?

Gossip about his “cuckolded” father spread quickly in Sveg, the village where he worked. Curiously, Mankell regards Shakespeare as “quite an African” author Hamlet, he believes, could be performed as an “African kingdom saga” and the “next Shakespeare”, he adds, may well be an African. In Sweden, the nine-book Wallander series is now complete. Why would Henning Mankell choose to make the novel about two apparently disconnected crimes, one motivated by greed and another by racial hatred?


Even though killsrs doesn’t manage to get through the list most days and experiences numerous setbacks, he just starts over again the next morning even if doesn’t really feel like trying. I mean, spring’s an almost ecstatic event to them. For hennimg in Britain, the Wallander thrillers appear distinctly Scandinavian in their Strindbergian gloom and bleakness. Complaints about the translation, which are widespread on Goodreads, are imho totally misplaced.

Something he ought to remember.

Faceless Killers (Kurt Wallander, #1) by Henning Mankell

Mankell was born in Stockholm ininto a stolid bourgeois household. Ystad, the southern shore of Sweden, rural but facelesx enough to Stockholm to conform to the general tendency of Swedish writers to locate crimes near or in urban areas there are exceptions to this, including Mankell. One theory and one suspect after another turn out to be dead ends, but Wallander is tenacious.

Sep 05, Mara rated it liked it Shelves: View all 26 comments. The end to both mysteries in the book was well done, both solved by chance, Kurt’s instincts even though I wanted to shake him for climbing up that scaffolding at one point It is a story of patience, of relentless police procedurals, of an alertness to the seemingly obvious.

Skip to main content. The year-old had little money and was often hungry. Early one morning, a small-town farmer discovers that his neighbors have been victims of a brutal attack during the night: Aug 27, gwayle rated it it was ok. Neither wealthy or known to keep valuables, surely the brutality speaks of a act of revenge and hatred? Kurt Wallander, the hero in Mankell’s novels, is the alter ego of his creator: He is constantly arguing with his widowed father, a painter, who continuously paints more or less the same picture, may add a grouse or a tree to make it slightly different but still manages to sell them.


What is it about being a cop that would make marriage unsustainable?

Wallander is a lovable sleuth in his dour way, and his hennning have a mordant comedy of their own. Lists with This Book. But this is a view that often confounds Swedish people.

True crime

Really enjoyed this book. Wallander, acting as temporary head of the department while his superior is on vacation, is thoroughl An avid fan of police procedural books and television shows, it was not shocking that I fell in love with BBC’s Wallander series, starring Kenneth Branagh.

Retrieved on 5 October However he is always focused on the job and his best breakthroughs come from following his intuition and allowing his subconscious to manke,l over problems. Of course, to those fans thoroughly familiar with Mankell’s work, it is the Swedish televised version that is found to be mannkell more accurately portrayal of Mankell’s novels He eats too many take-aways and has put on seven kilos in the three months since his wife Mona left him.

Sep 05, LJ rated it liked it Shelves: