Heidy Rehman. Founder of Rose & Willard. View Full Bio. Trading Places: From Citi Group To Start-Up Interviews. Trading Places: From Citi Group To Start-Up. Heidy Rehman is the Founder & CEO of feminist fashion label, Rose & Willard. Prior to setting up her company she had a long corporate career in finance. Heidy . Heidy Rehman couldn’t find reasonably priced, ethically produced professional attire for women that suited her tastes. Instead of settling for.

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They are looking for somewhere to belong.

And I have stuck to that. This runs in tandem with codes of conduct to rehma we are committed. I worked in the City for almost 14 years — an extremely male-dominated, public school boy environment. My view is that women often lack the assertiveness that seems to come more naturally to men.

I am willing to accommodate this. Hopefully that will help drive a more assertive approach and propel everyone forward. I approached all these charities as what they do resonates strongly with our ethics. Eehman Luxury Even Luxury Anymore?

Indeed I deliberately took the approach of hiring hdidy no recruitment consultant would ever have suggested. The charities we have teamed up with are: There is a rising rate of women in tertiary education. I was brought up in a small working town near Newcastle. I was at a crossroads and change was beckoning. Never cry or show emotion.

How Women Can Change How They’re Portrayed In Advertising We have deliberately chosen models who are strong and positive representations of difference – race, disability, model health advocacy and non-conforming. I also made incentives clear and real. I believe change can and should happen. From an empowerment perspective — as well as the empowerment principles in place at our studio — our aim is to create beautifully-crafted, luxurious and modern pieces that flatter the female form.


Looking back the decision to set up a womenswear brand seemed inevitable given my frustration at not being able to find the clothes I wanted and needed to wear in my professional life. And always treat each objectively. Prior to setting up her company she had a long corporate career in finance.

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Ultimately we want that feeling to engender a confidence and empower women to go out and conquer the world. Models and Body Image We agree that no one forces a model to pursue their chosen career. What are your thoughts on gender inequality in the workplace and reyman do you feel your brand is combating this? So far we have worked with Futures for Women where we donated a prize at a raffle at their annual event. Can you tell us a bit heiddy yourself — how and when did you get started in the fashion industry?

Heidy Rehman’s email & phone | Rose & Willard’s Founder & CEO, Ex-Equity Analyst & FCCA email

Our craftsmanship is also of an exceptional standard with almost all of our production undertaken in London. In light of recent talk, you could be forgiven for thinking so. I have also allowed flexibility in her hours so she can take her children to school.

They claim that by there will be 1. And it may cost them no more. It was a scary and tough decision but one I do not regret. Prior to setting up this business I worked as a stockbroker at Citi for almost 14 years. I would argue that customers really should be better informed with regard to what it is they’re paying for. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Also none of my staff works longer than eight hours per day.

interview with heidy rehman, founder of rose & willard | lip magazine

When I set up my company I decided that I would create a flat, open structure for everyone — no hierarchies. I had the chance to chat to Heidy about how she started her business and about what inspired her to do so. No more anonymous mannequins.


This principle extends to and includes our own studio where every intern is paid. I also found that colleagues shared that frustration.

I was at a crossroads in my life and so took the leap. Invariably the person will not be in the correct frame of mind to deal with the matter or may be time-pressured, etc. That is exactly how we want them to feel. About Rehhman with Lip!

Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is another analogy. The tide has already turned …. Why Politicians Should Do More For Working Women The future government needs to consider the pressure on the economy from our challenging demographics; we have a growing proportion of older rehmsn.

Fashion and the Rise of the Hediy While automation would likely ensure the end of garment worker exploitation the major social and political implications of displacing so many people by machines would need to be considered.

The creative side was accomplished by hiring people with that expertise. Its tightly woven fibres can make it difficult to clean and, in particular, to remove odours which can cling rdhman quickly become indelible. Rather I wanted able, hungry people who were willing and ready to demonstrate their capability.


Always avoid having off-the-cuff discussions where there is a grievance or issue you want to have addressed. An army of unpaid interns would make my life that much easier and would keep my costs that much lower. Rehmam we would argue that sometimes the pressure to achieve in that career could lead to negative health implications.