The dream of time travel has been achieved with the spectral photographs presented in this book, a collection of anonymous Hallowe’en. Ossian Brown has compiled a number of anonymous photographs depicting this in the book “Haunted Air” (), dating between and. Ossian Brown was a member of the dark, magical electronic music photos, dating between and , as collected in Haunted Air, with.

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Haunted Air

As a bonus treat David Lynch he knows weird writes an all-caps intro, so there’s that. When I look into any one of them I feel I have become a witness to a way of life that is at once dying, and in certain corners of society, is being born again. Comicon cosplay was terrible in !

Here the old life of the holiday is preserved. Apr 26, Hank Stuever rated it it was ok. Made for TV Mayhem. Jonathan Cape Each of these photographs tells a story. But as consumer culture continued to amp up in the suburbs during the latter half of the fifties some of its original lifeblood begin to be drained out of it. Q rated broen liked it Sep 01, The costumes come prepackaged like so much else in our contemporary world, ready to be pulled off the shelf. These photos, of kids who have paper bags over their heads with large teeth drawn on them, of a lady who has dozens of spoons attached to a black dress, of paper machied devil masks, hunted little girls in white dresses wearing a homespun cat mask, preserve a window of time when Hallowe’en was perhaps more innocent—but also much more monstrous and genuinely scary.

One photo had seven people in it and four out of the seven were in either blackface or redface, and two girls in blackface literally had the letters “MAID” sewed onto their dresses. The blank masks and ossizn pap Haunted and haunting. Creepy, but also filled with charming little things. Dec 27, Arthur Cravan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Something of the nights wildness hauntwd from his eye when he told me these things.


The Ghosts of Halloweens Past.

Ossian Brown’s ‘Haunted Air’

I can’t say how much I loved this creepy little book. It’s obviously been a popular book – my copy is from the fourth printing – but it won’t aig much appeal for serious collectors or scholars of photographic history.

Thanks for telling us about the hauted. You can practically smell Autumn when looking through this. It looked super creepy and I was not disappointed. The old photos – one per page – are creepy, disturbing and fascinating.

People sure had a different, seemingly more sinister approach at celebrating Halloween in bygone days.

Literally that’s all ya gotta do when you’re dealing with history that showcases racist attitudes of that time period. These pictures are populated by spirits from the collective imagination of the Celtic folk who brought the holiday over to the New World.

Creepily beautiful images of Halloweens gone-by. I wasn’t as charmed or intrigued by this collection of old photographs as I ossain to be. But this truly is the most awesomely weird picture book ever.

Quite a cool book to have on the shelf to whip out that time of year.

Haunted Air | AnOther

In his characteristic sparse prose Lynch shares his experience of looking at them, cappuccino and cigarette at hand, “I was somewhere else.

The costumes are quite often the stuff of nightmares and the collection could easily be the costume designer’s notes for any number of modern ossiqn or serial killer movies. That’s not to say that most of it was pre-bought – a lot of it is simply stuff like a large paper bag with a face drawn on it. The sense of mystery hxunted largely absent in Halloween’s popular, contemporary incarnation, and is its greatest casualty. The roots of Halloween lie in the ancient pre-Christian Celtic pssian of Samhain, a feast to mark the death of the old year and the birth of the new.


I know a lot of people are creeped out by these photos and it seems that was the point of the collectionbut I find them fascinating in the somewhat DIY aspect of a lot of the costumes.

And what’s with the David Lynch intro, which is really only words or so of childlike aie It might be wrong to say I “read” this, as out of pages there are only about 5 with text. And the black and white pictures sure help: I suspect a lot of these people — especially in the early shots — didn’t have a lot of stuff laying around to make costumes with.

Dec 22, Greta is Erikasbuddy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can’t even articulate it. These are the pictures of the dead: Mar 10, Kristoffer rated it it was amazing. The pictures are presented as is – one to a page – without any additional commentary. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Please login to leave a comment.

This is a must-own by Halloween lovers.

The Haunted Closet: Halloween Treat: Haunted Air (Ossian Brown, )

Fewer settings, more fun. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was believed that on this night the veil separating the worlds of the living and the dead grew thin and ruptured, allowing spirits to pass through and walk unseen but not unheard amongst men. Great review on NPR blog: It is entirely comprised of vintage black and white photos of children dressed up for Halloween, and a more frightening bunch of kids would be hard to find!