Download HAMEG HM OSCILLOSCOPE UM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Find great deals for HAMEG HM Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I have been experiencing a problem with my Hameg HM oscilloscope. It was working correctly then the trace suddenly went back to the left.

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It is superfluous since the stored image does not flicker even at low frequencies. The new HM can be useid as a normal 20MHz realtime oscilloscope or as a hmaeg storage instrument featuring 20 MHz maximum digitizing rate in single-channel, or 10 MHz in dual-channel storage mode. The same volt- age attenuation then results at high and low frequencies as for direct voltage for x1 probes or probes switches over to x1, this compensation is neither necessary nor possible.

When recording square-wave or pulse-type signal voltages, it yameg be noted that their harmonics must also be transmitted. Hum or interference appearing in the measuring circuit especially when a small deflection coefficient is used is possibly caused by multiple grounding because equalizing currents can flow in the shielding of the test cables voltage drop between the protective conductor connections, caused by external equipment connected to the mains, e.

Postage cost can’t be calculated. The scanning, storage and read out process can be repeated immediately by renewed depressing of the RESET button.

Full text of “Hameg: hm”

As can be seen from figure B, the handle can also be engaged in a position for horizontal carrying. Safety This instrument has been designed and tested 28 accor- dance with lEC PublicationSafety Requirements for Electronic Measuring Apparatus, and has left the factory in a safe condition. This depends upon the direction in which the oscilloscope is set up at the work place.


The signal waveform is constantly rewritten. It cannot be strictly defined and must be assessed according to application. This is the only way to produce an extremely short ground connection which is essential for high signal frequencies and an unadulterated wave form display of non-sinusoidal signals.

Here it must be noted that the terminating resis- tor HZ 22 will only dissipate a maximum uameg 2 Watts. There are 0 items available. Operating voltages Apart from the two a. It is replaced by the digitally generated quartz control timebase.

Otherwise there is a possibility in the AT position automatic triggering that the triggering point may change or that triggering may not occur at all with signals without zero transition. Subject to change without notice Ml Use of tilt handle The handle of the oscilloscope can be locked in five posi- tions, two carrying positions Fig. If the adjacent When displaying very low frequency pulses, the flat tops may be sloping with AC coupling of the vertical amplifier AC limit frequency approx.

Correction of a few degrees is pos- sible by turning a potentiometer behind an opening on the front panel marked with TR using a small screw driver. If measurement, fault finding or calibration on the opened instrument is unavoidable, this should only be performed by an expert who is familiar with the risk involved. For amplitude measurements, the variable control on the input attenuator switch must be in its calibrated position CAL.

The following must be noted here: A terminating resistance is some- times recommended with sine signals as well.

HAMEG HM208 Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage

Further pressure releases the button and switches back to real time mode. Hk probe in 0. Their position does not influence the result. The time base is set so that several wave of the modulation frequency are visible.

If the corresponding PLOT button is depressed again, a complete plotting pro- cess restarts. The grounded accessible metal parts case, sockets, jacks and the mains supply contacts line, neutral of the instru- ment have been tested against insulation breakdown with IBOOVr. To produce a stationary display, triggering must be synchronous with the test signal. This capacitor must have a sufficiently high breakdown voltage rating.


The high voltage converter which supplies the V and -l DC cou- pling is also recommended for the display of logic and pulse signals, especially if the pulse duty factor changes con- stantly. Switch test signal coupling to AC or DC. II knob, so that in fact only the signal of Channel I remains visible.

Oszillograph HM Equipment HAMEG GmbH, Frankfurt, build 19

Influence on the leading edge T5: They are explained later on. For continuous opera- tion the instrument should be used in the horizontal posi- tion, preferably tilted upwards, resting on the tilt handle. 2088

With sinusoidal signals, observe the 2008 to change without notice Mil zero crossover point transitions; the sine peaks are less accurate.

Pre-triggering The course of the signal can be followed in particular before hame possibly also after the set trigger point with pre-trig- gering. When a horizon- tal line is overdriven, a bright dot is seen at the end of the line. The DC position should only be used with a series-con- nected attenuator probe or at very low frequencies or if the measurement of the DC voltage content of the signal is absolutely necessary. If no stable trigger point is found with normal triggering with extremely complex composite signals even after slowly rotating the LEVEL knob, solid trigger can be obtained in many cases by operating the variable time control knob on the time switch.

Operation While reading the operating instructions better fold out the front view of the unit provided at the end of the instructions.