Pathfinder Player Companion: Halflings of Golarion [Paizo Staff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the beginning of history, halflings. From the beginning of history, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, living in human cities, adopting human customs, and seeing to the common needs. Pathfinder Player Companion has 38 ratings and 0 reviews. From the beginning of history, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, living in human.

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Ricky Roberts rated it really liked it Aug 08, Bastards of Golarion Judy Bauer.

The section then includes almost a dozen feats to expand on the concept. Hugh Melrose rated it really liked it Aug 19, Varisia, Birthplace of Legends F.

I’ve never seen a halfling jinx character in play, but it sounds like a really fun, debuffing-oriented character. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Darren Brown rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Jessica rated it really liked it Apr 06, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of half,ings User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Halflngs are a few halfling individuals, however, who seem to be magnets of bad luck, and they are generally avoided.

Didn’t you run a Halfling as well as an early version of Sarabian in a one-off we attended in Toronto years ago?


Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Jinx rated it really liked it Jun 09, No trivia or quizzes yet.

Halflings of Golarion

This can make them seem danger-seeking to other races, and while goolarion is true that halflings can take extraordinary risks if they believe it will bring them great reward, they are also better at spotting danger. Hal Maclean and Amber Scott. The first five pages, covering the history of halflings in Golarion and exploring their physical and mental traits, are well-written and interesting.

Those who disregard halflings based on their size do so at their peril, for you never know when that smiling servant might slip your coins into his pocket—or his knife into your back. The prestige class also receives some other solid abilities at higher levels.

Status of Halflings in Golarion by country self.

Archives of Nethys

I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much I got from this book, and I’ll see it as a sign that an oft-neglected race in Pathfinder should perhaps hallfings a little more attention. Brenna halflinsg it really liked it Apr 19, Maybe someday he’ll make a return appearance.

And now, at long last, their secrets, culture, beliefs, and lore can be revealed! Their skin tends to be somewhere between a rich almond color and a pale nut-brown.

Archives of Nethys: Pathfinder RPG Database – Sources

Blood of the Night Tork Shaw. That also means a bunch of enslaved Halflings also exist there. Sexual dimorphism in halflings is similar to that in humans, with golarioj being slightly larger and heavier, though many of the larger races do not notice this difference which seems much more obvious to the small folk. I ended up having new appreciation for the race and good ideas for characters, which makes hslflings book a success as far as I’m concerned.


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The Best Books of Inner Sea Racesp. I might have to give it a try combining some of the sling-fighting stuff from the Combat sectionbut I think it’d be even more fun to have an enemy NPC jinx, as the curses last for 24 hours.

At once hard working and lackadaisical, comfortable at home but willing to leave in an instant if the right opportunity comes along, halflings are a study in contrasts. Halflings have a fine growth of soft, warm hair on the tops of their feet to keep them warm, [1] and goalrion slightly pointed ears.