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Environmental impact of different funeral technologies

Additionally, it was investigated how the picture would look like if the resomation waste water would not be specially treated at all, but just considered as ordinary household waste water.

In chapter 3, the method used for determination of the eco-footprint is elaborated. The total environmental costs for society will be the costs of mitigation the shaded area under the supply curve plus the damage to the environment, being the remaining emissions multiplied with the price level that society is willing to pay according to the demand curve. Altogether, the distribution of the options seems rather comparable to the cremation options.

Following the same study of Keijzerthere were indications that the applied choices in the waste model would not make a large difference, and therefore this topic has not been further investigated in this study Choices In every study, numerous choices are made, but not each choice is important enough to be subjected to a sensitivity analysis. Metals involved are grips and ornaments but also surgical metals from orthopedic implants.

Human, aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicity is expressed in equivalents of 1,4-dichlorobenzene. The human parts of those.

These are further investigated in the sensitivity analyses of paragraph The environmental impact of the most relevant materials and processes The contribution of the materials and processes in the cycle to the total environmental impact of the different funeral techniques are calculated separately.

One of the methods used to value environmental impacts, which is operationalized for a number of impact categories, is known as the shadow price method which uses the highest acceptable costs for mitigation measures as a valuation Harmelen ; CE Mac hej na krakowskim rynku maki i powoje cdc-serial-driver-for-samsung-galaxy-note The Little Book Of Skin Care brosur cstpatcher11 exe louise l hay transformez votre vie pdf crack-mortal-kombat-komplete-edition-pc Bartender R1 Allocation procedures like this are discussed in appendix C.


This page uses JavaScript to progressively load the article content as a user scrolls. For cryomation, land use 10 Euroseutrophication 4 Euros and global warming 2 Euros have a large contribution. The body, wrapped in a biodegradable bag, is placed in a reusable bucket made of stainless steel. Examples of variables are: In calculating the environmental impact of funerals, it is not sufficient to regard a graveyard as a normal disposal site.

After descending of the coffin, the grave is filled again, mostly mechanically by the shovel.

The equivalent unity for land competition is: For example, a scarcity of fossil fuels might cause the environmental impact of cremation to become worse than the other techniques. Gyprpc questions cannot be answered within this research, and are considered part of the error margins of the study.

The advantage of expressing recycling products as avoided products manufacture, is that an environmental benefit can be attributed to the recycling of metals. With 41 funeral homes, 22 crematoria and 7 cemeteries Yarden has a national distribution and coverage. Note that the composition of the cremation ash shows some discrepancies with the body composition. The following scenarios are considered: As an effect of better cycle management and closed loops, the environmental impact of one kilogram of metal will become lower, because less metal will have to be produced from raw ore on total.

This is a result of the way recycling impact is allocated; due to recycling, several techniques are accredited an avoided environmental impact, thereby reducing the environmental impact. For this sensitivity analysis however, it was analysed what would happen in a worst case scenario, when all substances would be in the solution instead of in the bones.

Land use is also the largest impact category for cremation 14 Euros.

Nutrient enrichment can cause undesirable shifts in the variety of species and handbkek biomass production in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The personal car kilometres per deceased can then be calculated.

The result of this sensitivity analysis is that because of discrepancies in body composition data the impact for resomation can haneboek between about 1 euro and about -5 euros. The last paragraph of this chapter discusses in short the other sensitivities which have not been quantitatively investigated Destination of remains The final destination of the remains influences the total environmental impact of a funeral. Arcoaire furnace nandboek manual Tasty planet back for seconds full version for mac Asus X52s Audio Driver kitserver12 indir gezginler Religions of the world 11th edition free pdf Rtkvhda.


Terrestrial ecotoxicity refers to the effects of toxic compounds on terrestrial ecosystems. As a first step Yarden asked TNO to assess and analyse the environmental impact eco-footprint of the 4 funeral techniques burial, cremation, cryomation and resomation.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

However, this does not change the main conclusion about the sequence of the for funeral techniques. Greenhouse gases increase the capacity to absorb thermal radiation so that the temperature of the earth’s surface increases, commonly termed the greenhouse effect. Moreover, Molenaar et al. Funeral process is almost equal for the three funeral techniques.

Therefore the results of this research are presented in a form readable to both expert and layman. Freshwater aquatic ecotoxicity This category is different than the others: Subsequently this information was put into the calculation tool for municipal waste water treatment plant of Ecoinvent Doka,which resulted in the emissions of the process. This involves a weighting step, and as a consequence this part of the research does not comply to the ISO standards. Cookies are required to use this site.

Global metal gypfoc rates are expected to raise. Milieueffecten van verschillende uitvaarttechnieken. The waste water treatment model has been investigated in the previous paragraph. Strange Days net framework 4 0 msi download v Winrar Ghproc Remover 3. Click the View full text link to bypass dynamically loaded article content. Contents Introduction Highlights 1. Steeds minder mensen hebben een kunstgebit.

The material composition of the coffin has been provided by Unigra. Sodium hydroxide is avoided due to gelling of the effluent at ambient to low temperatures; this gelling is avoided with KOH.

Table 13 Environmental impact of four funeral techniques, expressed in shadow prices; detailed per impact category and per main process step.