Krasucki F. (red.): Laboratorium z urządzeń elektrycznych w górnictwie. Skrypt Politechniki Śląskiej nr Secondary sources: 1. Grzbiela Cz., Machowski . Warszawa Secondary sources: 1. Grzbiela Cz., Machowski A.: Maszyny , urządzenia elektryczne i automatyka w przemyśle. Wydawn. „Śląsk” 2. Bogdan Krynicki, Miros?aw W?do?owski, Alfons Erdman, Jan Grzbiela, J zef Krzysztof?ega?ski, Jerzy Matusiak, Andrzej Machowski, Jerzy Barzowski.

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Technical and experimental principles of in-vivo studies on the epithelium and superficial vascular system of the mucosa. Technical and juridical-administrative considerations on an outbreak of food poisoning caused by ingestion of sausages made of horse meat.

Zarys elektrotechniki górniczej

Technical aspects in the management of abdominal aortic aneurysms. Technic of injection of insulin for prevention of skin reactions. Technical aspects of the mass chest x-ray survey: Technic of temporal lobectomy and hemispherectomy. Technical machoswki statistical conclusions after 20 years of stapedectomy. Technical aid to operative cholangiography.


Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 44522

Technic for uterine transplantation in dogs. Technical aspects of configuration of functional masticatory surfaces. Technic for the preparation of denture repair. Technic of roentgenologic localization and nomenclature.

Technic for locating the vestibulo-lingual position of impacted teeth. Technical aspects of the Cobe Centry 2 RX bicarbonate dialysis generator.

Grzbiela, Czesław ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

Technic for the construction of Benac dentures. Technic of heterotopic transplantation of the liver with total 1-stage hepatectomy in swine. Technic of demonstration of acetylcholinesterase activity in the inner ear.

Technic of health examination of workers in factories. Technic of placement of artificial pacemakers. Technical considerations in reductive surgery of the nasal bridge. The newborn infant and the infant. Technic of an oblique incision for appendectomy in obese persons. Technic of applying compression-distraction apparatus in treating leg bone fractures.

Technic of compression nailing of the lower leg. Technic for the differentiation of live and dead microorganisms in suspensions. Technic, indications and complications of abdominal vagotomy. Technical aspects of use of the right gastroepiploic artery for myocardial revascularization. Technic of determination of immunoglobulins grzbidla a radioimmunologic method in solid phase. Technic of rapid detection of hemoglobinopathies.


Technic for the cancellation of power-line noise in biomagnetic measurements.

Technic of neurological examination and diagnosis in the young child. Technic of anesthesia and external ventilation for laryngo-tracheobronchial endoscopies and surgery of the larynx. Technic for the reduction of iridodialysis with vitreous in the anterior chamber.

Regina Elizabeth Sister, Technic of the set-up, its application to the tooth positioner. Technic of triple pelvic osteotomy in hip joint dysplasia. Technic of carrying out vaccinations with the needleless injector BIP Technic of transplantation of the kidney with duplicate renal arteries. Prevention and treatment of suture line defects.