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For this reason, heat-emitting test specimens must never be placed in the test space when the system is switched off.

Grundig Selio

Connect the other end of the cable with the power wall socket. To prevent your han dset being damaged, only use approved recha rgeable batteries. In case of programmed test cycles, please note that on account of the reduced quantity of air the desired values cannot be achieved within the programmed time. Use a spirit level. Begijnenmeers 63 B – Liedekerke Tel: Slusticka 22 CZ – 10 Praha 10 Tel: You can, however, return on the screen saver by pressing. Press” phonebook ” appears on the s creen. Switching point hysteresis is 2 K Display of temperature limiter is flashing and reads 2.

NOTE The limit for the maximum value must be approx. If the list is empty, the screen displ ays ” no entries “.



You can insert a pause in the dialling sequence. If there are no new messages on the answering machine, the number of rings will be 4, otherwise the number of rings will be 2.

Don’t have an account? Ending a call press. After you hang up, the phone automatic ally returns to dial bedienungsanleihung rotary ser vice. One phonebook entry or the whol e phonebook is deleted.

Only bedienungxanleitung the supplied telephone cord. The list contains the numbers of the last 40 contacts call lasted. You can then talk with the 2 contacts at the same time. This manual contains detailed information and directions regarding — Installation — Operation — Mode of operation — Faults — Fault rectification 1.

Support Center

If the changed temperature value is not saved with 2 xthe test system will return to the previously set temperature value after 30 seconds. Yocorom — PB Urb.

Answering an internal call. Bedienungsanelitung entry is then modified a nd you will hear a confirmation tone. An external and an internal call. During a call, a beep is emitted by your operator to inform you th at a second call is on hold.


Grundig Service Manuals | Service Manual

The inspection intervals for refrigerating unit, electrical equipment and safety devices are specified in a maintenance contract with our service organisation.

The insert floor can be bedienungsanlleitung for cleaning purposes. The inspection should only be performed by our service, or a bedienujgsanleitung person authorized by us. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The pole D-subminiature connector is assigned as follows: Record a memo With this function you can leave a personal message on your answer machine.

The immediate presence of metal parts, of a television for example. Clean the reservoir as follows: Calle Alberdi C. Winterova 20 SK – 01 Piestany Tel: Press the number key and follow the voic e instructions. Fault Possible cause Rectification Temperature and humidity setpoints cannot be achieved Lack of refrigerant in the refrigerating unit Actual humidity value deviates from setpoint 1 Humidification bedienungsanlritung soiled 2 Continuous wetting of humidi- Activate humidity afresh.

Make sure to insert the batteries the right way rou nd in your han dset’s.