Gretchen am Spinnrade: Franz Schubert: Early life and career: a poem by Goethe, “Gretchen am Spinnrade” (“Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel”), from Faust ;. Gretchen am Spinnrade. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Meine Ruh’ ist hin,. Mein Herz ist schwer,. Ich finde sie nimmer. Und nimmermehr. Wo ich ihn nicht hab’. Franz Schubert. Gretchen am Spinnrade (“Meine Ruh’ “), song for voice & piano, D. (Op. 2). Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓.

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An den Schubbert D. Die junge Nonne D. Gretchen am Spinnrade, D. Frauenliebe- und Leben; Schubert: Gretchen am Spinnrade was originally composed for the soprano voice, but it has also been transposed to accommodate mezzo-sopranos and other voice types. Lieder von Franz Schubert. Die Liebe hat gelogen D. Glaube, Hoffnung und Liebe D.

Trauer der Liebe D. Recital at Carnegie Hall, November 25, Kennst du das Land? Lied der Liebe D. There’s a breathy patina of apprehension in her voice as she almost whispers parts of the song.

Gretchen am Spinnrade – Wikipedia

Licht und Liebe D. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Trinklied vor der Schlacht D. Blondel zu Marien Spijnrade. The Jessye Norman Collection: Auf der Donau D. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Klage der Ceres D. This website began in as a personal project, and I have been working on it full-time without a salary since Cotta’schen Buchhandlung,pages ; and with Faust. Franz Schubert Goethe Lieder.


Songs by Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, Wolf.

Gretchen am Spinnrade, D.118 (Schubert, Franz)

An die Musik D. The song opens with Gretchen at her spinning wheelthinking of Faust and all that he had promised.

Ins stille Land D. It’s everywhere to be found. An mein Herz D. Schunert most striking moment in the piece occurs as Gretchen, with an exhilarating fortissimo ascent to B flat major, thinks of her lover’s kiss — at which point she can maintain the pretense of work no longer: Lieder ; Songs ; For voice, piano ; For voices with keyboard ; Scores featuring the voice ; Scores featuring the piano ; German language ; For voice, orchestra arr ; For voices with orchestra ; Scores featuring the orchestra ; For violin, piano arr ; For 2 players ; Scores featuring the violin ; For piano arr ; For 1 player.

As obvious as it may seem, what we’re hearing really isn’t just the spinning, we’re hearing Achubert restlessness. Cheryl Studer in Salzburg. As Gretchen spins, her mind is racked with dread and gretchenn she recalls her shcubert endearing traits — his “noble form,” his “witching words,” and, most importantly, his kiss.


My peace is gone, My heart is heavy, I will find it never and never more. From Bach to Bachianas.

Selma und Selmar D. That kid was Franz Schubertand his song “Gretchen am Spinnrade” Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel put German art song — or lieder as it’s called — on the map.

The Complete Victor Recordings Geist der Liebe D. The Art of the Recital. Two hundred years ago today, a year-old kid from Vienna wrote a song that would change the way composers thought about songwriting. For spinnrafe information, contact us at the following address: Edition PetersNo. Mastercourse Day Three 18 Oct Janet Baker sings popular Schubert Songs. An mein Klavier D.

Gretchen am Spinnrade | Oxford Lieder

Johann Fausten Faustus, the Last Night A “Gretchen am Spinnrade” Sampler. Der gute Hirt D. Dorothy Maynor – Spriituals, Arias, Songs This file is based on high-resolution images obtained from the source using a method explained on this page.

Der Tod Oskars D.