It was established by the Gram Nyayalayas Act, Gram Nyayalayas are mobile village courts in India established for speedy and easy access to justice. (1) For the purpose of exercising the jurisdiction and powers conferred on a Gram Nyayalaya by this Act, the State Government, after consultation with the High. Keywords: nyaya panchayats, alternate disputes redessal, gram nyayalaya act. 1. Introduction. Some form of village self-government seems to have some form.

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Lastly, while the Law Commission prescribed the creation of a distinct cadre of Nyayadhikaris in each state, the Act of does not do so. Anticipating financial difficulties, the Centre aft decided to provide Rs 18 lakh per court to meet non-recurring infrastructural expen-diture.

It is inexplicable, ggam even frustrating, that an Indian Law Institute report prepared on the effectiveness of Gram Nyayalayas in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan was not made available in the public domain.

Gram Nyayalayas

While determining the location of the Gram Nyayalayas the location of courts having parallel jurisdiction may also be considered. The legal papers-a court order, for example-used to achieve an expeditious resolution of the controversy.

Because of such problems, not a single gram nyayalaya has been constituted in Uttar Pradesh. An xtension of this desire to nuayalaya a model of participatory justice is also found in the Law Commission’s prescription of a consensual, conciliatory process in Gram Nyayalayas, in place of a strictly adversarial system.

Conduct of cases in Gram Nyayalaya and legal aid to parties. However, as described in the earlier section, data analysed for Gram Nyayalayas in MP and Rajasthan indicate a not so positive outcome in respect of the nyayaalya.

Also, the state wise responses detailed above, reveal that many of the states have been procrastinating, citing reasons such as absence of sufficient work for Gram Nyayalayas and some even expressing their apprehensions about increased work load in the District and Session Courts.

A tea nyayzlaya, Birsan would lose his daily fram whenever he had to attend court.

Gram Nyayalayas Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

According to the Act, nyayadhikaris will hold mobile courts and conduct proceedings. Instead, this could be made a compulsory service for a certain period for a newly recruited judicial officer to the regular cadre of first class judicial magistrates or civil judges. Overriding effect of Act in civil proceedings.

The Act was designed to bring speedy, affordable and substantial justice for those citizens who are denied access to justice in the formal system. There is ambiguity and confusion regarding the specific jurisdiction of Gram Nyayalayas, due to the existence of alternative forums such as labour courts, family courts, etc.

  ASC 410-20 PDF

Justice is the foundation of any civilized society. As a result, procedural laws have been simplified, lokadalats and fast truck courts introduced and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration, conciliation and mediation have been incorporated into the legal system.

Sub-section 3 provides that after the opposite party files his written statement, the Gram Nyayalaya shall fix a date for hearing and inform all the parties to be present in person or through their advocates.


Appeals from Gram Nyayalayas in criminal cases are to be heard by Courts of Session, while those in civil cases are to be heard by District Judges.

Plea bargaining before Gram Nyayalaya. Other reasons for the institution falling short of expectations have been the lack of cooperation from lawyers and Public Prosecutors. This abridgment of the right to appeal from decisions in Gram Nyayalayas has been a source of concern for some. This atc provides for a special procedure in civil disputes. Most of the states have expressed their dissatisfaction at the inadequate amount of funds and land allocation for the establishment of Gram Nyayalayas.

Punjab Requested central assistance for setting up of 2 Gram Nyayalayas. Sub-section 11 provides that a copy of the order shall be delivered free of cost to both the parties within three days from the date of pronouncement of the judgment.

Further, there is ambiguity and confusion regarding the specific jurisdiction of Gram Nyayalayas, due to the existence of alternative forums such as labour courts, family courts, etc. VeerappaMoily had assured avt Oct, that the Centre would set up 5, village courts in the country in the next four-and-a-half years.

The Nyayalaaya schedule and Second schedule of the Gram Nyayalaya act can be amended by both the central and state governments. Jurisdiction of Gram Nyayalaya. Offences related to central acts such as payment of wages, minimum wages, Protection of civil rights, bonded labour, protection of women from domestic violence, etc.

Provided that no order shall be made under this section after the expiry of a period of three years from the date of commencement of this Act. The Gram Nyayalaya shall try criminal cases, civil suits, claims or disputes which are specified in the First Schedule and the Second Schedule to the Act.

Failing this, the dispensation of inexpensive and ‘effective’ justice to each person in the farthest and the remotest rural corners will remain a distant dream. Further, majority of States have now set up regular courts at Taluk level, thus reducing the demand for Gram Nyayalayas.

Theft as well as receiving or retaining stolen property, where the value of the property stolen does not exceed rupees twenty thousand. A brief of the Report is presented below: It should be clear then that the Act does not impose the consensual resolution of disputes on parties; they may seek adversarial adjudication and engage lawyers to appear for them before the Gram Nyayalaya if an amicable resolution does not appear possible.


Both these approaches rest on an understanding of a legal system which are conceptually inadequate and empirically suspect. For example, in Indore the Gram Nyayalaya functions within the regular court premises.

The Preamble to the Gram Nyayalaya Act envisages access to justice to the citizens at their doorstep with the assurance that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of any disability whatsoever.

Evidence of formal character on affidavit. Where states stand Ngayalaya a conference of chief ministers and chief justices of high courts held in Delhi on April 7 last year, the then chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, said the implementation of the Act was financially untenable and talked about how courts have been set up at the block level in Nyzyalaya to make justice accessible to rural litigants.

The way forward The Preamble to the Gram Nyayalaya Act envisages access to justice to the citizens at their doorstep with the assurance that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of any disability whatsoever. This would mean that they will have to be provided with vans and drivers, apart from local accommodation facilities, says E M Natchippan, who chaired the parliamentary standing committee on the Bill in Separate building for the functioning of the Gram Nyayalaya as well as for the accommodation of the Gram Nyayadhikaris and other staff need to be constructed.

Transfer of pending proceedings. Apart from the legal and procedural requirements of Gram Nyayalayas, training may also include the local language of the community amongst whom they are posted. No notification as yet. Qualifications for appointment of Nyayadhikari. When we begin to analyse the reasons for this failure, we see that there are a number of fault-lines in the functioning of these institutions in these two states.

Duties of ministerial officers. The Committee acknowledged that there were shortcomings in the functioning of these bodies of which the slow pace of utilization of funds, in the absence of proposals by the States was purported to be the primary cause.