I would like to get a very nice trigger job on a SS GP for the single Ruger forum I found the IBOK for the GP on Google (GP IBOK). I received the GP pdf this morning. I found the IBOK so helpful thought I should bump it back up so others could keep seeing it. Gp Ibok – PDF Free. Download – -. Ruger sp manual pdf ruger sp manual pdf magnum revolver like the. Ruger GP For many.

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Pull the blade to the left with your thumbnail until the right side of the blade drops in.

Strange problem with my GP100

Very intersting and well written- thanx. The front latch part 13latch plunger part 26and latch plunger spring part 4 will fall out.

Several other styles are available from aftermarket sources. Sometimes it’s frustrating reloading for semiautos because you have to make small batches of rounds and test them for reliability with each gun if you change anything about the load. Just a very nice thing for a professional to do.

I’m pretty sure that I will not have any more of their guns. My SP has the 10 lb spring and hasn’t ever had a light strike. The Safariland speedloaders are spring charged and only need to be pushed in and the bullets are ejected into the cylinder. Inspect the recoil shield center pin hole.


Lay the disassembly pin in the slot at the bottom of the left side. With spring-powered devices iblk as a hammer, you can reduce mass in non-critical areas and increase hammer velocity considerably. Also called a hammer strut or hammer pawl. Both are reduced power springs. iboj

It will not fail at all now. I think mine was a little rougher than usual when new though. Drop the hammer into the slot.

He later rewrote the book and has limited quantities of it printed out at a time. When GPs are used for competition, speed loaders will also be used.

• View topic – IBOK for GP

Most of my experiences ibook working with wood, not metal. While holding the cylinder firmly to the rear, slide the thickest blade of a gap gauge that will fit with friction between the case head and recoil shield frame.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Insert the trigger guard latch part 43 with the flat surface up. Push the plunger down while sliding the pawl in. Am I stuck with a two-piece style g;100 You do this forum wonders. Killed em all, damn fine revolver.


I wrote one for the MK Series 22 pistols too. In extreme cases, even a stainless gun will rust.

Is the polishing compound applied with old tooth brushes or old gp1000 t-shirts? Wed Dec 12, 2: I bought this last year and haven’t had the motivation to work on it until today.

Been a long time since I busted one of these puppies apart, nice to have a reference to check.

Transformed my GP today [Archive] –

Use a buffer to make these surfaces look like chrome. Triggerjob GP – Ruger Forum said. Once the trigger pivot pin is installed, make sure it is flush on both ends. It must be reinstalled exactly the same way it came off.

The above referenced spring kit comes with an 8 lb and 10 lb spring. Most are fine, but some are rough in some function and even inaccurate pg100 like most of the Minis used to be.

Page 1 of 7. On adjustable sight models, insert a proper fitting flat blade screwdriver in the windage screw part