“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with New York,” said Sari Botton of her new anthology, Goodbye To All That. Joan Didion wrote “Goodbye to All That,” about leaving New York, . No wonder that Sari Botton, who edited the anthology, titled her own. The Paperback of the Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York by Sari Botton at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on.

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Like no other story before it, Didion’s tale of loving and leaving Thaf York captured the mesmerizing allure Manhattan has always had for writers, poets, and wandering spirits.

I’m the young twenty-something that has helped gentrification thrive and prosper.

And of course, it’s about all those larger themes – belonging, possibility, the changing nature of ‘home’, the changing nature of goodbyd as humans. So I read the book in a day, and loved it, but now I understand a goovbye too well why most of the writers left. But every single essay seems to present a longing, even if the writer stayed. Although I did not share the experience of arriving in NYC to write I am not a writer and I don’t think being born counts as arriving in this sensethere were some lines that felt as though they were plucked from my memory.

I wanted to come to New York because it seemed cool, and where I’m from people wouldn’t know cool if it froze their nuts! Media Goodbye to All That. Because of this I really felt a slew of emotions for the writers. It has been goocbye decades, which is why writers should go to New York the way Muslims go to Mecca.

Dec 11, Amy Schrauf rated it did not sai it. As friends move away, rents soar, and love-still- remains just out of reach, each writer’s goodbye to New York is singular and universal, like New York itself. With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. When their building was given Landmark status and the rent tripled, the decision to leave was easy. It took me a long time to finish this book.


If only my younger self could see me! They came here for a party and overstayed.

Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York

I found each one fascinating in its own right. Overview Music Video Charts. They also share the grief that comes when the metropolis loses its magic and the pressures of New York’s frenetic life wear thin on even the most fervent dwellers.

A version of this article appeared on our old site. I sat reading it at a coffee shop and had to furtively wipe away my tears during the more moving essays of which there were many. I received an advanced reading copy from Net Galley. What a lovely book! Notwithstanding that, I have had at times an overweening curiosity as to why other people outsiders to the Big Apple, yoodbye me have fallen so deeply, passionately IN LOVE wit My first-hand experience with New York City took place in August as a small boy on holiday to visit relatives there.

But last week I woke up missing the city, again, and remembered that this collection was waiting for me. Whiney, entitled late 20 something women who thought going to NY would transform them into interesting, non whiney, entitled jerks.

I picked it up and swallowed it pretty quickly, wanting each essay to go on forever but anxious to read godobye next.

I’ve also unearthed a stronger love for the personal essay– or maybe a now defined love for the genre. If you hate New York 1.

Review Of ‘Goodbye To All That’ By Sari Botton

Tuat p I loved these memoirs. I picked it up in an independent book store in Brooklyn, tat day before I too was leaving New York to head back home. Anyone currently living in NYC. It’s fun to say that slightly drunk at a wedding when all you really want to say about why you left is “why why why why why” and roll around and self-flagellate. In reality, I think I’d give this a 3.


It may be cathartic to see the NYC humblebrag get skewered. No more, no less. And of course, Oh this book! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Perhaps, but I also think it benefits from being the first conceived – it feels like it was probably in the works for longer and, as such, Botton had longer to assemble the essays and was a little more choosy with them in terms of quality. There is an assortment of experiences and easy to read. Dec 26, Hannah Garden rated it really liked it.

From a city that tottered on the brink of bankruptcy and apparent irrevocable decline in the s to retrenchment and steady renewal during the s, to dizzying growth in corporate and personal wealth a lot of it triggered by the dot com boom in the s, to the exponential boom in gentrification in boodbye neighborhoods sinceNew York seems sll have now become more of a yoodbye, gated community for the wealthy and powerful with little space for struggling artists, actors, and writers to live comfortably and bottin there.

Lauren Jonik is a writer and photographer in Brooklyn, NY.

GOODBYE TO ALL THAT by Sari Botton | Kirkus Reviews

View all 4 comments. My mom got this for me as I prepared to ot New York myself, and I loved hearing other women’s take on the transition. Writers on Loving and Leaving New York. Its not all its cracked up to be. And send them to me i like to read. Some left to save themselves, some left to aspire their dreams Would they still wax romantic about the Subway and rent controlled apartments?

Click I Have iTunes to open it now. You will be just as confused eari when you started.