GLBP is a Cisco proprietary protocol that attempts to overcome the limitations of existing This section will first go over the configuration process steps and commands that are used to perform a basic GLBP configuration. An example. In the previous lesson we showed you a load balancing mechanism and I’ll still argue that that’s the best way to go. Gateway Load Balancing Protocol – GLBP is .

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Host-dependent algorithm guarantees that the same gateway will always be used for a specific clientas long as there is no changes on the AVF number. This is all done transparently to the end user.

Configure GLBP in Cisco IOS Router

R2 config-if glbp 10 preempt. R1 config-if glbp 10 priority Because they didn’t have the foresight to call it HSRP.

With standard GLBP configuration as above, the default load-balancing algorithm that will be used is round-robin. Page 1 of 1. Because what can happen is traffic configuratoon go up to the distribution layer configuratino then get forwarded across the distribution layer link to the other router. R2 config-if glpb 10 ip This method is the default. As one of these, Cohfiguration are used to provide redundancy; which one confoguration use depends on the specific deployment and the vendors that will be used within the target network.

One virtual forwarder within a GLBP group is elected as active virtual forwarder for a specified virtual MAC address, and is responsible for forwarding packets sent to that MAC address. An AVF with bigger weight value will get coonfiguration traffic redirected to it. R1 config-if glbp 1 load-balancing weighted. A router within a GLBP group with a different authentication string than other routers will be ignored by other group members.


Router config hostname R1. So the configuration commands are standby, the show commands are standby and that’s really annoying. For a virtual forwarder the state can be one of the following: In the previous lesson we showed you a load balancing mechanism and I’ll still argue that that’s the best way to go. Gateway Load Balancing Protocol.

Virtual gateway is attempting to become the active or standby virtual gateway.

Cisco Gateway Load Balance Protocol (GLBP) Configuration Process and Commands

The default priority decrement value is The key-number can be any number between R2 config-if ip address R2 config-if ip address This section will first go over the configuration process steps and commands that are used to perform a basic GLBP configuration. See All Related Articles. As previously explained, all routers in GLBP are actively forwarding packet.

Specifies a load balancing method that is dependent.

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GLBP Configuration on Cisco ⋆

Forwarder preemption works in a similar way, except that forwarder preemption uses weighting instead of priority and is enabled by default. Above, you can see the active and standby routers as well as the virtual MAC addresses assigned to each R1 config-if glbp 1 authentication key-chain testchain. It seems pretty benign, right? Subscribe to newsletter To be informed of the latest articles, subscribe:.

These include GLBP timers helloholdredirect and timeoutaltering the default load balancing behavior the default is round robinconfiguring GLBP authentication, and basic interface tracking. In this section, the configuration is extended to show basic GLBP authentication using key chains, altering the default load balancing behavior to weighting, and basic interface line protocol tracking. R1 config-if ip address With GLBP, we can effectively utilize all our routers as the gateway with several different algorithm that we can choose based on our needs.


GLBP & GLBP Basic Configuration – Cisco & Cisco Network Hardware News and Technology

Each host is configured with the same virtual IP address, and all routers in the virtual router group participate in forwarding packets. The line-protocol parameter will track the protocol state of the configured interface. Enables GLBP for group 10 on this interface with a virtual address of Ezample config-if glbp 10 load-balancing host-dependent.

Well for large volumes of traffic, it results in some pretty inefficient and potentially problematic traffic flow. The object-number can be any number between 1 and Figure shows the network topology for the configuration that follows, which shows how to donfiguration GLBP using commands covered in this chapter.

The configuration command for the above example scenario is as follows:. As you can see that the first two trace got redirected via R3, while each of the next two traces got redirected via R1 and R2 consecutively. This is a transitory state because a virtual forwarder changing to a disabled state is deleted.

On the other hand, we give R1 priorityR2 priorityand R3 with default priority It’s mission in life though is to dynamically distribute the load within a group. So they didn’t actually bake that into the names of all the commands.

R1 copy running-config startup-config. The reason for this site is to help you with your Cisco certification by covering the essentials you need in order to pass the CCNA exams.

With this result, we can confirm that all AVFs has been used equally. R1 config-keychain-key key-string test-string.