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The EU contribution is increased following the declaration by the Greek State of the eligible expenditure of state aid and tolls. The EU is also supporting a wide range of projects in that regard under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights and would welcome specific proposals in the framework of the relevant calls for proposals under that instrument.

They would then return home and divorce. The Commission has not proposed a privatisation of rail infrastructure lines. Secondo le evidenze giudiziarie di una e indagine, l’algoritmo alla base del calcolo delle quote latte per l’Italia sarebbe di fatto errato e avrebbe causato enormi inesattezze nei calcoli delle stesse con la conseguente irrogazione di multe a migliaia di allevatori per aver superato la produzione di latte consentita.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

In its own-initiative report voted through in plenary, Parliament explicitly asked the Council to reaffirm the importance of space, which is fundamental to the strategic independence of the Union and the Member States, as well as highlighting the opportunities which exist for gaining independent access to descwrgar by developing launch facilities and satellites.

Microfinance projects and their impact on child labour.

Politicisation of information visits to the Commission. Improving giovani range and quality of support and services available to older people through public interest trusts. How does it explain the lack of control and supervision internally, by the board of auditors and by the Bank of Italy? Such accusations are all the more worrying when Doha is happy to set itself up as a model for the Arab world, dwscargar it is not when it comes to its employment laws.

Iraq has set up an inter-ministerial committee tasked with implementing the National Action Plan on Human Rights, which incorporates many of the recommendations accepted by Iraq during the Universal Periodic Review process at the Human Rights Council in Increased use of the death penalty in Iraq.

EU safety sartroi exist for individual chemicals such as the preservatives butylparaben and propylparaben, commonly found in toiletries, and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, a UV filter use in sun protection products. The Commission shares the Member’s view that the preservation of Europe’s cultural and artistic heritage is an important priority. Important to note is that the Commission’s approval sattori state aid had been always linked to a re-orientation of those banks’ business models with a view to making them sustainable, involving lfcciones de-risking in all cases.


EU measures to obtain fiscal transparency from Luxembourg. Is it prepared to do this? If not, on what is the Commission basing its thereby implied hope for progress?

EUR-Lex – CFULL – EN – EUR-Lex

Health controls on the import of hazelnuts from Turkey. Does it intend to cooperate with the Greek Government on an open call for proposals for the reopening of the lines?

The Commission has been informed that the aid per hectare provided by the Turkish government in was equivalent to TL i. The European Union has been the biggest funder of rail infrastructure investments in Greece for decades, whilst it has no competence to finance maintenance of infrastructure. However there are no giovahni rules at European level regarding job security of journalists. If not, what is the Commission’s interpretation of the accusation? The measures agreed with Cyprus responded to the demand by Member States to ensure a standard of Customer Due Diligence dn is appropriate giovqnni the specific risks to which Cypriot banks were exposed.

Ten children have already been left paralysed but hundreds of thousands more are at risk, both in Syria and in all of the neighbouring countries. The Commission is not aware that the European Court of Auditors has ever come to the conclusion that agricultural policy, including the corresponding funds, needs to be handed back to Member States.

Giovanni Sartori La Democracia en 30 lecciones | Antonio Ruiz –

It ensures that oil and gas companies consistently take primary responsibility for controlling the risks they create by their operations in the Union and outside of the Union. The European Commission is deeply concerned by the sharp increase in child poverty in Spain and it considers the fight against child poverty of the utmost political importance.

Setting up an ad hoc Working Group across relevant Commission services, Agencies and Authorities to coordinate work on the integrated assessment of priority mixtures. However, outward mobility is only one of the factors affecting the sustainability of social security systems.

At this stage, the Commission will contact the Italian authorities to clarify the legal situation as regards psychoanalysts in Italy.

There are several lines of action proposed in the next Multiannual Financial Perspective It is watching this development in non-performing loans very closely and regularly. German banks will be included in the forthcoming asset quality review and stress tests. The regulation also sets out measures to increase the available funding right from the start of the programming period:. Risposta complementare di Michel Barnier a nome della Commissione.


Does the Commission agree that the Commissioner responsible for the Digital Agenda has no business promoting European values — in this case media freedom and pluralism — beyond EU borders? Other EU Member States are also facing the same problem. Grave inquinamento dell’aria da PM10 e ossidi di azoto e nuovi insediamenti industriali nella zona IT in Valbormida, provincia di Savona, regione Liguria, Italia.

The Commission seeks to ensure the respect for media freedom and pluralism enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union within its competences. Subsidies for beef exports from the European Union. The Spanish Civil Guard will be provided with a second helicopter, while the first has been equipped with a thermal imaging camera and a powerful search light. It conveys this message to the Russian authorities at bilateral level in the framework of its political dialogue and regular human rights consultations, as well as in the multilateral framework.

The common agricultural policy is an area in which competence is shared between the European Union EU and the Member States. All plans except the one corresponding to the River Basin District of Fuerteventura are now at the public information and consultation stage. This explains why probiotics are probably a good way of helping us live longer.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and investor-state dispute settlements. The target human population sn young and middle-aged adults between the ages of 15 and Der Besitzstand der Union verbietet Kinderarbeit.

However, the Court came to the conclusion that there was no objective difference between these categories when the non-resident obtained the major part of his taxable income from an activity performed in the State of source. Intergenerational cooperation between entrepreneurs. When questioned on this matter by a citizen from my constituency who is a veterinary surgeon, the ISS failed to provide any documentation explaining why, from a scientific point of view, this method has been granted equivalent status in law.

Nevertheless, as the directive lays down general and particular safety requirements, rather than specifying toy types, materials and manufacturing process, it is equipped to address new types of toys, materials and manufacturing processes. Crescente numero di condanne a morte in Iraq.