Ghosts of War has ratings and reviews. Aaron said: Using simple prose , Ryan Smithson shares with readers his experience of serving a one-year t. Chapter 1. Ryan Smithson is a junior in high school and his girlfriend is a senior. They are in school when the world trade center is bomb. Seeing this made. poster for Ryan Smithson and Ghosts of War ALUM SPEAKS AT UALBANY & HAS WORK PERFORMED ON STAGE. The UAlbany Performing.

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Rywn and his fellow soldiers are the unsung heroes of the war. When he gets to the first building he has to fill out a bunch of different papers.

Apr 07, Aidan McPhillips rated it it was amazing. He says they have failed and they start with the drills. Smithson writes a moving memoir, that starts with his reaction to September 11,smihtson his decision to join smithso Army Reserves, to his year long deployment overseas. When he returns home for good, he again endures the fear and scars the war has left in his brain.

Ryan and some other guys in the platoon are assigned to drive the dump trucks.


They learn about PMCSing and things like that. He also goes into the army reserves not expecting to be deployed, until he is.

I appreciated the fact that he was able to heal from his experience through a creative writing class which became his book, which could send a powerful message to kids that writing can smitthson theraputic.

You would like this book if you are interested in knowing about the American people that fight for our country. He is not really one to talk about his experiences, though he did receive a Purple Heart for an injury he received. When in Ghossts he meets battle buddies and does a lot of missions as a GI Joe Schmo average maintenance guy on equipment.

Ghosts of War is the story of Ryan Smithson, a boy who joined the military upon high school ghost. Realistic fiction, Iraq war.


GHOSTS OF WAR by Ryan Smithson | Kirkus Reviews

Seeing this made Ryan want to join the military but he will have to wait until he graduates. You submitted the following rating and review. I’ve always been against the war, but it was a general feeling.

One of my favorite sections of the book is on p. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Others are climbing their own, so encourage them — there is nothing gained by judging them against your incline. They are divided into different teams, and Ryan’s team is up first. To me, this book can be read by people who are gnosts ages of 17 to 23 years old, and ruan could read this book to see what the US soldiers were doing and how smithhson were feeling during the war in Iraq.

He is grateful annd thinks that everything that happened in Iraq was based on fate. He was deployed as an army engineer unit as a heavy equipment operator where he says sensory details about experiences basic training and in iraq.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Ryan Smithson Thank you for the review! He points out different aspects of the meaning of life in his view, which I respect and value.

I picked this up in the YA section of the library. His poignant, often harrowing account, especially vivid in sensory details, chronicles his experiences smithsoj basic training and in Iraq.

Be the first to discover new talent! He tells the story of his platoon and so many like it overseas, the ones who are working to rebuild the country and make it safe for other troops and citizens, the ones who interact with villagers and the poorer people of Iraq.

Rayn and msithson company thinks he is asking for a table, so when they are done with the table they have to break it down and start building the shelf.

Even if you aren’t a person that is fighting for our country or not super interested in war, this book can relate to majority of Americans. The long flight over the Atlantic Warr gives Ryan time to think about home and what to expect when he lands in Kuwait. Ryan and some of the other soldiers are being surronded by gohsts group of iraqi kids asking for food and water.


The majority of the book is spent in iraq, and him working as an army engineer, operating large machines, and his heartbreaking experiences he faces, such as being extremely scared at the face of a bomb threat, his encounter with IEDs Improvised explosive Deviceand the extremely sad death of one of his colleagues.

The inform him that they had just lost Jim Conklin, a man that had just been promoted to Sergeant when Ryan had left the mission back in the desert. I will now appreciate and thank the soldiers I see. I’ve never experienced war, but I would imagine that this is about as close as you could get to understanding what the army and Iraq is like from the eyes of a year-old kid straight out of high school. This book is a testament to that time in which he found smithdon was allowing him to heal contrary to speaking directly with people.

So overall the author’s purposes were to inform and entertain. His story—and the stories of thousands of other soldiers—is nothing smihtson what you see on CNN or read about in the Rjan York Times.

Ghosts of War: The True Story of a 19-Year-Old GI

April 21, Imprint: I have new respect for men and women who enlist in the Army, Navy, etc. This book is really cool. He explains that when they got home Haley looked so misserable and down that he decided to put her to lf.

They learn about the shifts and hours to sleep as well. A lot of guys are deployed without seeing any fighting at all. See 1 question about Ghosts of War….