Buy Bauchentscheidungen: Die Intelligenz des Unbewussten und die Macht der Intuition Gerd Gigerenzer, Professor für Psychologie und Direktor am Berliner. Bauchentscheidungen: Die Intelligenz des Unbewussten und die Macht der Intuition (German Edition) May 28, by Gerd Gigerenzer, Hainer Kober. Gerd Gigerenzer: Bauchentscheidungen. 5 likes. Interest.

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International editions audio book: Urban Krankenhaus, Berlin, June Department of History, Princeton University.

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What counselors tell low-risk clients about HIV test performance. A simple heuristic successfully used by humans, animals, and machines: Medizin zwischen Daten und Intuition.

University of Bologna, Italy, International Congress of Psychology, Berlin, July Homo Oeconomicus34 These rules are usually extremely simply, yet most of bauchentzcheidungen cannot articulate the formulation or rationale of them. Braindate, Zurich, November Decision making under uncertainty: Clubhaus Free University Berlin, April Bounded rationality the Brunswikian way. Towards a science of heuristics.

Freud warns not to put any value on gut feelings.

bauchentscheidungem Festvortrag, Industrieverband Feuerverzinken, October This notion can explain why companies will throw huge sum of money on commercials: The point the reader should take away is that intuition should be relied on in preference to logic only when there is not time enough or information enough to reach a truly reasoned judgment; or when the decision is inherently uncertain, as whom to marry. Wissenschaftlicher Rat der Max Planck Gesellschaft. Decision making and reckoning with risk.


Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious

Zahlen und Statistiken in der Wissenschaft — wie man sie richtig versteht und vermittelt. Instead, bauchetscheidungen should trust logic and reasoning. Urania, Berlin, April How to improve Bayesian reasoning without instruction: G Gigerenzer American Psychological Association 3, Wie geht man damit um?

Simple solutions for complex problems. Harding Center for Risk Literacy. Haben Menschen zuviel Vertrauen in ihr Wissen? Decision making in the real world. Nevertheless, the following are my main takeaways from the book: Von Bernoulli zu kognitiven Heuristiken. Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken, Itzehoe, June The replication delusion and how we got there.

London School of Economics, October Verwaltungsakademie Berlin, June Impact on the social sciences.

Gerd Gigerenzer – Google Scholar Citations

Risikokommunikation und die Relevanz von Zukunftsprognosen. Thinking and decision making. What cognitive science tells bauvhentscheidungen about understanding risks and uncertainties. Best Seller, Turkish translation: University of Potsdam, October Effect of tabular and icon fact box formats on comprehension of benefits and harms of prostate cancer screening: On the role of probability in psychology.


Das Einmaleins der Skepsis: Herrhausen Gesellschaft und FAZ. Metzler Private Banking, Munich, November Raffaelo Cortina, Polish translation: Die Illusion der Gewissheit: How to make operations more flexible and robust with fewer resources.

Rationality the fast and frugal way. Author of this book argues, when making decisions that involving a myriad of information and highly unpredictable outcome, people who use the simple rules are more likely to get favorable outcome than people who over-analyse.

London, May Risk savvy: Wie man Intuition bei Entscheidungen in Unternehmen und Wirtschaft nutzt.