Interpreting information systems in organizations. G Walsham. , Doing interpretive research. G Walsham. European journal of information systems Niall Hayes, Geoff Walsham: Participation in groupware-mediated communities of practice: a socio-political analysis of knowledge working. Geoff Walsham’s 91 research works with citations and reads, including: Information Technology, Innovation and Human Development: Hospital.

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Niall HayesGeoff Walsham: Geoff Walsham worked for four years as an operational research analyst at BP Chemicals before taking up academic posts in operational research and then information systems.

IT gelff Development 19 3: Ethical theory, codes of ethics and IS practice. Supporting a Network of Practice with an Information Infrastructure. Journal of Management Studies 41 5, BarrettGeoff Walsham: Two Techniques for Qualitative Data Analysis: Structuration Theory in Information Systems Research: Need for a Strategic Developmental Focus.


International Journal of Geographical Information Science 10 4: Interpretive case studies in IS research: The following articles are merged in Scholar. European journal of information systems 15 egoff, IT for Development 23 1: Shifting boundaries and new technologies: ICT Research in Africa: Development, global futures and IS research: The emergence of interpretivism in IS geofv G Walsham Information systems research 6 4, A Case Study of a Building Society.

Integration or a Thousand Flowers?

Actor-network theory and IS research: BarrettLeiser Silva geofd, Geoff Walsham: Information technology for development 12 1, Interpretive case studies in IS research: Structuration Theory and Information Systems Research. Cross-Cultural Software Production and Use: My profile My library Metrics Alerts.

The Contribution of Discourse Ethics.

Professor Geoff Walsham – Networks of evidence and expertise for public policy

GIS for district-level administration in India: European Journal of information systems 4 2, Information and Organization 11 4: Journal of Information Technology 27 2, Sundeep SahayGeoff Walsham: MyersDetmar W. Information and Organization 15 1: Relevant Goff and Informed Practice Chee-Sing YapGeoff Walsham: EllwayGeoff Walsham: Micro Studies and Macro-Theory.


ICT as myth and ceremony in the Indian healthcare sector. Information technology for development 12 1, Leiser Silva University of Houston Verified email at uh. Information Technology in Context: