So I’m not familiar with the World of Darkness lore. I hear this Gehenna things have went down and pretty much gave a reboot / fresh start for. In Noddist mythology, Gehenna is the Kindred Eschaton. It is the time when the Antediluvians will rise from their slumbers and devour their descendants. A Gehenna cult is a group of individuals (almost always vampires) that exist to prepare for, or prevent, the end of the world. Fearing the culmination of the Jyhad .

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Power struggle of enormous proportions. And did whatever moves in the Jyhad required a physical presence. But anyway Lilith won’t hit Caine remember that Rule of 7 so she lets someone else kill him, either Malaki or Nosferatu get to do it depending on the ST. We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously.

Officially, the Camarilla doesn’t acknowledge Gehenna, Antediluvians, ancient blood gods, or Caine. Aug 2, This would kill all Kindred, including the Antediluvians, but spare the mortals. Humanity freaks and basically declares war on vampires. So its kinda like White wolf ackowledged It was the old world of darkess who made It and restore it. In this one humans know vampires exist but don’t go ballistic on them.

He’s been waiting for Caine to set the matter right this whole time.

Would be quite the disappointment if everyone just died not long after the game’s ending In VTMB the various cults say more and more nonsensical things.

I’d have liked to have seen him really come into his own here. Foul is Fair is about Lilith. Given this, there are a variety of visible Gehenna cults throughout recorded history. The other big highlight is Set. Caine does indeed show up, along with Saolut, Nosferatu, Lasombra, and there are possible appearances of Abel and Lucifer, I’m not making this shit up Abel can show up if you want him to they list his profile as the first Wraith.


Gehenna | Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Oh, and the Tremere clan used Tzimisce blood to become vampires. If Lasombra wins, he sacrifices Lilith in a ritual to fully transform him into shadow so he can climb up in the hierarchy of the Abyss Well by this time the characters have Saulot with them, only Saulot is only a 6 year old little boy.

So what I would suggest is a broader array of city politics. The Ascension List of books Wraith: Whatever form the “gehenna happened” thing takes place, it’s basically going to fall broadly into one of three categories: Masquedade explaining his opinion on the superstitious stuff is pure gold too.

Tge article describes a work or element of fiction vehenna a primarily in-universe style. In other words they get to be Jesus for bloodsuckers. Nosferatus brood mate is there and he makes Toreador look plain. If they succeed, everyone is back to normal and the characters are the only vampires surviving. Or perhaps the prophecies were another ruse.

What was Gehenna actually? :: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines General Discussions

If you wish, I can try to do a brief resume of each of the Vampire ending scenarios, and I can also do the same for Mage, as these are the ones I’ve read. I counted no less that 10 shots at power gamers. With the passing of Gehenna without the ending of the world, well Typhon Set doesn’t actually manage to rise.

He’s been awake for basically the entire time he’s existed and has known about everything.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. But also, due to the collapse, the Umbra meshes more with Earth and the Consensus is pretty much shattered and almost nonexistant. But in any of these outcomes, one thing is certain: The opposing tthe represented a bunch of guys the PCs gehwnna interact with fairly simply, eg, with violence. The characters must stop him while the rest of the mages on Earth Traditions and Technocrasy alike try to stop the Marauders. Any way for a while they rule, some for a few weeks, some for the better part of a year.


The introduction of things like the Vaulderie start to weaken the power Princes have over their broods. In this one the Withering works slower, and if your character sides with Lilith your immune from it and free to join her in tehenna garden as something not quite vampire.

Gehenna Spoliers.

Originally posted by Kirby Ehh, I don’t see how anyone can suppose the Sabbat would fall apart. A Gehenna cult is a group of individuals almost always vampires that is devoted to influencing events leading up to or during Gehenna, often with the objective vqmpire stopping or aiding the Antediluvians. He says yeah and the angel blasts the city with a beam of light which kills the rest of the clan founders. Some agents even go rogue and attempt new Procedures, which were normally unthinkable – stopping bullets and so on.

That is, more or geehnna “If you don’t join us – die”.

This article has multiple issues. Then the Antediluvians rise and it’s not pretty: Caine and everyone else, no exceptions. Ok since I’m evil I’m going to post my opinion of Gehenna and some spoliers. Forgot your username or password? More topics from this board