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Integriki is located on the center of the country surrounded by hills with the Dajti Mountain on the east. The Health Care Institution shall be responsible to define cause of the death for persons that pass away in that Health Care Institution. Search Search Get the search terms used to find gazzeta site, the share of traffic they send from all referrals and the change in share from the previous month November analysis.

Issues related to the narcotics, psychotropic substances are regulated in the special Law for Medicinal Products and Medical Equipment; Volume of rights on basic health care under section 22 of this Law is defined each year with special package programme issued by the Kosovo Government.

Records from the first land registrations under the Ottomans in —32 show that Tirana consisted of 60 inhabited areas, Tirana is mentioned since as Borgo di Tirana.

Provisions of penal procedure shall be implemented also when a person that is not a health worker provides health care services. In the absence of a signed international agreement or principle of reciprocity, the non-Kosovar citizen may provide health care in the territory of Kosovo, based on the provisions of this Law.

Ina redesign of aluminum 5,10,20,50 qindarka and 1 lek coins was released.


For non-Kosovar citizen that seek the provision of emergency health care in the territory of Kosovo, this care should be provided without any delay, under the same conditions as for Kosovar citizens.

Until General Professional Counsel becomes operational the Ministry of Health shall carry out its duties and responsibilities. The Ministry of Health shall ensure that legal provisions that should be enter into force in the cases of emergencies are ready for endorsement.

Pages per Visit 8. The Tertiary Health Care Institutions are institutions defined under section 31 paragraph Following completing of respective education, health workers should complete obligatory professional apprenticeship.

Health worker from section 96, full time employed in the public Health Care Institution, could implement private health care activity, after regular working hours. Quantitative health care services are: The health worker shall provide professional assistance within his abilities, knowledge and responsibilities at all times and in all places. Health care workers are obliged to carry out re-licensing procedure every five years while respecting standards and norms defined in a sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health, on the proposal of General Health Council.

The newspaper is for subscribers available in Albania 2. Health care service from section 1 point e is organized within Health Care Institutions through professional health services.

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Health care is provided by health care workers in Health Care Institutions. Essential violation of norms from technical safety and medical aspect.

Between and the name Franga was used for Albanian gold currency worth five Albanian Leke for use in international transactions, a similar alternate name Belga was gazeya for units of five Belgian francs. The rules of this law that refer to remuneration should be implemented for non-Kosovar citizens in the case of an international agreement being signed or implemented based on the principle of reciprocity.


Primary health care includes: Based on the Health Policy of Kosovo, February.


Sanitary Inspectorate must be informed if a person has passed away due to contagious disease. Health care sector provides and implements uniform and integrated health information system. Health care in integtimi Health Care Institutions shall be implemented in accordance with procedures and conditions defined by this Law and general acts of the Health Care Institution.

Subdomains Most visited subdomains on this site Folders Most visited folders on this site Popular Pages Most viewed pages on this site. Organization and activities of the Professional Committees shall be defined by sub-legal acts issued by the Ministry of Health.

Ranks Global Rank Global Traffic rank of site, as compared to all other sites in the world. Autopsy expenses shall be covered by the physical or juridical person, obliged by this Law to cover treatment costs of the person before death.

Measures from paragraph The professional activities of Health Care Institutions and health care workers, regardless of funding and ownership, shall be subject to internal and external supervision.