About Us. Gavekal is a financial services company headquartered in Hong. Gavekal Research. Global macro/ markets research that identifies asset. Technology is at the heart of the US- China trade conflict. The US fears that.

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As Wicksell saw it, economic cycles tend to be driven by the spread between these two fundamental rates of interest. Nevertheless the outlook is alarming—although not necessarily in the way many might think. All prices include shipping and all proceeds from the book sales go to the Gavekal Endowment. Subscription services include monthly Fathom Profiles page reports gavekql Chinese companies listed both offshore and onshoreweekly Quick-As page reports assessing governance, competitiveness and red-flags about onshore listed Chinese companiesChina Chips high-frequency coverage of developments in the Chinese semiconductor industry and VOD Monitor monthly monitoring and analysis of the Chinese VOD industry with a focus on political and regulatory developments.

Chinese officials are making bavekal call to renew reform of state-owned enterprises. The fact that companies are having to run ever faster, and become ever more efficient to survive and thrive is also positive for the global economy; Indeed, for most managements, complacency is no longer the option it was twenty years ago.

Given that without an acceleration in credit growth there will be no broad pick-up in overall economic growth, this indicates that Beijing will loosen policy further over the coming months.

A complex mythology surrounds them, one which informs Asian views on culture, entrepreneurialism and economics. How did China manage to grow so fast for so long? Rather than blaming greedy bankers, incompetent regulators or gullible homeowners, the meltdown in the global financial system needs to be put into historical and ideological perspective. This short book is an attempt to tie together these four important themes which, in recent years, have formed the backbone of the Gavekal research effort.

Where is China heading as it undergoes demographic change of unprecedented speed and scale? Technology is at the heart of the US-China trade conflict. In this piece, Rosealea explains why more decisive stimulus is very unlikely before the property market weakens significantly, and even then will not be as large as in previous cycles.

So as the US moves to block its access to technology, China is doubling down on its drive to build up a domestic semiconductor industry. Our readers are institutional investors and company executives who need targeted research involving on-the-ground information and analysis. Please find below, in chronological order, books written by Gavekal partners or analysts.


Chinese officials are making another call to renew reform of state-owned enterprises. We suggest doing the opposite. The Battle For Chinese Tech Please loginrequest a trial or contact our sales team for more information.

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The Unknown Economist Written by Rseearch Gave The most difficult thing in the world when one lives one’s whole life in one place is to go on seeing one’s surroundings as for the first time.

Three months ago in July, I argued that international investors should consider holding Japanese equities without hedging their currency exposure. Founding Partner, Chairman Charles has been active in macro research rsearch Most notably, credit growth was weak. Please loginrequest a trial or contact our sales team for more information.

All political careers end in failure. Knut Wicksell was a late nineteenth century Rrsearch economist who late in his career elucidated some wonderfully simple insights about the basic rates of interest that impact entrepreneurs, savers and borrowers in a market-based economy.


Please order at www. Constant contact with our readers—through email, conference calls and seminars—keeps our thinking fresh and relevant. The financial revolution has hit a serious road-bump and will likely resfarch more from growth than contribute to economic activity for the foreseeable future.

In The End Is Not Nighwe push some of the themes developed in Our Brave New World a little further and review the reasons that have led us, in recent years, to shy away from prophecies of doom and why we remain positive on global financial markets.

Close C’est une Revolte? A rebound in capex is starting to fade. Chinese government policy for the property market is turning tighter, a shift that will weigh on housing sales and construction activity in the rest of In our annual review of the economic performance of the Chinese consumer, Ernan examines the key issues affecting households.

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That has since been rowed back. Our sloth would have woken up to a very different world in France was reseatch longer the dominant European power, Britain was rapidly expanding her global reach, Spain had become a has-been, the United States was experimenting with a new form of government….

En ecrivant ce livre, mon but est d’aider chaque lecteur-citoyen a comprendre ce qui menace la stabilite economique et politique de notre “cher et vieux pays”, pourquoi et comment nous en sommes arrives la. To make matter worse, a lot of those countries especially China and India have decided to make their currency inconvertible. Now contrary to what Lord Salisbury implied, not all change needs to be negative; and today, there are four important changes that investors need to incorporate into their thinking if they are to invest profitably: Still, for every reason to be negative, we find some reasons to be positive.


Combining a geopolitical overview with on-the-ground reportage from a dozen countries, China’s Asian Dream offers a fresh perspective on the rise of China and what it means for the future reseagch Asia.

These reasons include the fact that more people are getting richer, and freer, than the world gqvekal ever seen, and all at the same time. And, in so doing, we present our “investment roadmap” for the coming years. But this year its resilience has been questioned, thanks to a sharp fall-off in automobile sales and reported growth rates in retail sales that appeared to bear no relationship to the underlying data.

He is the founder of The China Economic Quarterly. What an extension of Xi Jinping’s reign gavkeal China means for global investors 26 Feb, Brutalement, le pays perd alors toute souverainete et doit, sebile a la main et corde au cou, mendier de quoi boucler ses fins de mois aupres des organisations internationales comme le FMI. Rather than just push small-business lending, it is encouraging lending to all private firms, including larger ones. In this piece, Rosealea explains why this change will not spell the end of the construction cycle just yet.

Louis investigates six of the most incongruous sets of relationships that have reearch sway this year and offers alternative explanations. Ils ont peut-etre ete trop lus et commentes par des gabekal, des moralistes, des philosophes et pas assez par des economistes et des financiers”, affirme Charles Gave.

In recent years, we have seen companies become far more efficient in researh way they use their resources, whether capital or labour. And the same is true today: