Formula Student Electric Rules Version Page 4. Release date: 2. General. The principle of Formula Student Electric is to allow the. Anti Intrusion Plate (Specific FSG/FSE change of Formula SAE® Part B Rule ) Securing Fasteners (Specific FSG/FSE change of. Formula SAE Rules revision ARTICLE 3: FORMULA SAE RULES AND ORGANIZER FIA , FIA

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FSAE Rules Published

Last Jump to page: The decision of the competition protest committee regarding any protest is final. In order to have a protest considered, a team must post a twenty-five 25 point protest bond which will be forfeited if their protest is rejected. How would you rate the chances for that? However, once the electronic submission system becomes operational the Committee may choose to respond using that system.

Adjustment of the driver restraint system, head restraint, seat and pedal assembly. Substitution of the head restraint or seat insert for different drivers.


Registration for each FSAE competitions closes as soon as rulex registration ffsae is reached. Fsea read the event rules and check the website of the competition you are entering. Most required documents must be submitted in a format specified in the individual event rules or using a prescribed form. Account creation for online document submission through fsaeonline requires the following steps:.

We’re going to a two-year cycle of changes. The efficiency change is on the list for potential changes.

Adjustment of belts, chains and clutches. For example, if a rule specifies a minimum dimension for a part the Committee will not answer questions asking if a smaller dimension can be used.


A team may protest any rule interpretation, score or official action unless specifically excluded from protest which they feel has caused some actual, non-trivial, harm to their team, or has had a substantive effect on their score.

Shipments must be sent ruels the sending team or university listed as the receiving party. Additionally, the team will be required to submit such documentation as the organizers may require in advance of the acceptance of any future registration.

Throughout the FSAE competition season questions can fsar be submitted by the traditional submission procedure found in Rules A Although most visa applications seem to go through without an unreasonable delay, occasionally teams have had difficulties and in several instances visas were not issued before the competition.

Teams may not protest rule interpretations or actions that have not caused them any substantive damage.

The technical documents listed below include both 1 standards that are identified in the rules and 2 standards that the TSB and the various rules committees believe ruules valuable references or which may be mentioned in future rule sets.

Teams requiring visas to enter to the United States are advised to apply at least sixty 60 days prior to the competition. Please submit program material by the published deadlines.

Adjustment of tire pressure. When the electronic submission system is ready for use an announcement will be made on the FSAE news page. Team Member Restrictions — Team members must be approved by the Team Captain or the Faculty Advisor before being able to view or upload team documents. Neither SAE staff nor any competition organizers are permitted to give advice on visas, customs regulations or vehicle shipping regulations concerning the United States ffsae any other country.

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2010 Purdue Formula SAE Car 1.0

Adjustment to engine operating parameters, e. The Team Captain s has unique responsibilities on the site including accepting other team members for site access. Protests concerning any faae of the competition fxae be filed within one-half hour 30 minutes of the posting of the scores of the event to which the protest relates.


Vehicle shipments by commercial carrier must comply with the laws and regulations of nations from which, and to which, the car is being sent. Registration for the North American Formula SAE competitions will close at the date and time posted on the competition website or when all the registration slots have been taken, whichever occurs first. The way it is written looks like Lithium-Iron-Polymer battery. Note – There may be a delay of up to three 3 business days between the time your team registers for a competition and the fsaeonline site recognizes the validity of your authentication number and the captain can create his account.

All times vsae GMT Reminder — The website does not know what you intended to submit or what you thought you were doing. After the first month of registration any untaken slots at any of the competitions will be available to any team on a first come, first serve basis. Team captains automatically have the same roles and privileges as their team members.

The Faae website will be updated with the rules soon, but the rules are available now on our updated fsaeonline.