These commands are provided by GLUT (the OpenGL Utility Toolkit). GLUT provides commands to create windows, subwindows, and menus; and to handle . The OpenGL programming world owes a tremendous debt to Mr. Mark J. Kilgard for writing the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, or GLUT. The GLUT library of functions. Now that we have a static image on the screen, we want to move to the next step. A changing image. We can specify a function for. GLUT to use.

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The glutKeyboardUpFunc function specifies the function that freeglut will call when the user releases a key from the keyboard. The glutWireIcosahedron and glutSolidIcosahedron functions render an icosahedron whose corners are each a unit distance from the origin. Furthermore, solid and wireframe versions of the original teacup and teaspoon that accompanied the famous Newell teapot.

Notice that it can be anywhere, not necessarily in the same folder. The glutInitWindowPosition and glutInitWindowSize functions specify a desired position and size for windows that freeglut will create in the future.

The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics

Hi there, Thank you very much for taking the time to write this. Thanks to both, you did a great job. I too would love tutoriao know how to set GLUT up with codeblocks. If you have an Intel GPU, they are not 3.

Windows has some additional quirks which the application programmer should know about.

The glutFullScreenglutLeaveFullScreen and glutFullScreenToggle functions are used to transition the current window between fullscreen and normal mode. The glutStrokeLength function returns the width in model units of the given character string in the specified stroke font.


You can now debug the code by pressing F5. The glutBitmapCharacter function renders a single bitmapped character in the current window using the specified font. The glutBitmapLength function returns the width in pixels of the given character string in the specified bitmap font.

The glutTabletMotionFunc function is not implemented in freeglutalthough the library does “answer the mail” to the extent that a call to the function will not produce an error. Hopefuly no error occurs. Your Xcode project is now created.

If the window status callback for a window is disabled and later re-enabled, the window status of the window is undefined; any change in window window status will be reported, that is if you disable a window status callback tutprial re-enable the callback, you are guaranteed the next window status change will be reported. The glutStrokeString function handles carriage returns. Each ffeeglut will also be copied back into C: D R Where W, Freelut, D and R are placeholders for horizontal resolution, vertical resolution, pixel depth and refresh rate respectively, as integers.

Default is the current display mode of the monitor on which the GameMode screen will be opened. The glutStrokeString function renders the given character string in the specified stroke font. Releasing the Delete key causes this function to tutoial invoked with a value of for key.

This prevented an application from having re-entrant code, in which GLUT could be invoked from within a callback, and it prevented the application from doing any post-processing such as freeing allocated memory after GLUT had closed down.


GLUT Tutorial – Source Code and Projects

The glutStrokeCharacter function advances the cursor position by a call to glTranslatef and so the application does not need to call the OpenGL positioning functions again for successive characters on the same line.

Although GLUT is not being maintained anymore it still serves its purpose.

The glutLeaveMainLoop function causes freeglut to stop the event loop. The glutWireTetrahedron and glutSolidTetrahedron functions draw a wireframe and solid tetrahedron four-sided Platonic solid respectively. We will provide snippets of code all along the tutorials. The returned value is an integer.

Useful for rerouting to another output sink e. Install whichever you want.

Tutorial 1 : Opening a window

Download CMake from here and install it Download the source code and unzip it, for instance in C: Because the font is a stroke font, the width of an individual character is a floating-point number. In the first line, navigate to the unzipped folder. Function to leave fullscreen window mode, glutLeaveFullScreenor to toggle between fullscreen and normal window mode, glutFullScreenTogglehave been added. The glutStrokeCharacter function renders a single stroke character in the current window using the specified font.

However, you will never modify these projects: The first, glutMainLoopEventprocesses a single iteration of the event loop and allows the application to use a different event loop controller tutoria to contain re-entrant code.