Find Bard-specific leveling spots to get from 1 to 70 and proven strategies and walkthroughs for grinding or farming in the Bard Songs of Death Guide. Bard Class Guide. Bards are the jack of all trades in EQ but masters of none. They have a large array of abilities making them extremely versatile classes. Fear kiting As the Armor Class of most bards is not that high and due to the lack of a Finacol’s Secret Bard Guide to EverQuest – .. from the initial area, you ‘re free to pull from three paths for as long as you want, or until.

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If you are poor, then all you truly need to buy while leveling is an Orb of Tishan and the best instruments you can afford. This sub is NOT to be used to discuss cheating or hacking of Everquest.

But say your enchanter, everquewt puller is a bit low, you’re going to want to keep them topped up as much as possible. This makes chant kiting slower than fear kiting in most cases.

This is not the place to call out other players and be hateful to one another. Wind instrument is available and useful at level In case that happens, just quit the expedition and start again.

But don’t stick with just your one melody. Below you will find some more detailed explanations regarding twisting and the spells that you will be using. What follows are some suggestions for fighting in the popular OoW exp zones:. By pulling we almost always mean splitting – everquesy a scenario with too many mobs, and pulling in less than the total amount that would otherwise aggro.

The named can drop excellent pieces of equipment that are on par with Elemental Planes gear. I have a horizontal hotbar on which I drag my primary slot, secondary slot, and the three slots in my inventory that contains the two instruments and the vree space. The best partner baard you is a damage dealer because the bard himself is not the best if it comes to causing severe damage.


I do it to farm Seb keys. This site is protected by international copyright laws. TBL is still only evefquest thought if the correct stars flash and we do something together.

EQ Bards – Everquest Bard Community & Resource Site

Does anyone have a guide to play a Bard? Hunt near the fort and pull roamers whenever you run out of giants. Bard Lulls only last for 18 seconds, so you need to move quickly when you are Lulling more than one mob in a split. You won’t use it often.

A major benefit of Lulling though is that it does not require Line of Sight. If you see something that is inaccurate or can be improved, don’t ask that it be fixed–just improve it.

You want Dex and Cha as high as possible for your soloing, and enough Strength to not be overweight all the time. Study up on “Crowd Everquedt on the more advanced Bard forums Maybe some of that info will bare here over time. The Lute of the Howler clicks a werewolf illusion, which if you have never killed named mobs in Velks, allows you to move around without aggro. The second thing to know is that, even though you can cast these songs without an instrument equipped, your fizzle rate still depends on the instrument skill of the song.


That means that, if you want to equip a drum, you need to take off both your weapons, which requires an additional inventory slot. It’s not really that easy. For the pulling, cc, charming, and kiting There are a few consumables you want on you at all times. Nowadays it is rarely camped, but if it is, you can find plenty of other mobs around the area that respawn quite fast. Try melee on carefully selected mobs first but have haste song running. On my Bard, I only carry 4 bags. Sometimes you need to fight in close quarters.


Right now I’m just grinding mobs in commonlands and trying to farm up some plat. I put autoattack in Hotbar 1 slot 9, and Assist in Hotbar 1 slot It’s a fast way to XP, but you don’t really gain any useful Bard skills applicable to grouping.

Treants A famous hunting ground because it gives very good experience and the loot is good as well. If the enchanter is AOE mezzing, i often snare his mobs once or twice to take aggro off him. Bard damage mitigation does benefit from Parry and Reposte skills, so it many cases the faster a Bard weapon the better in context of damage mitigation.

Finacol’s Secret Bard Guide to EverQuest – 1.2. SOLO QUESTS (1)

Easy, simple, and safe as long as you don’t run into other mobs, but slow XP. This can be frew bit tricky at first. It’s dropable and pretty cheap. If you aggro mob X1, and it is close enough, you will also aggro mob X2. Recieve news about this website directly to your mailbox.

For this reason, some bards carry around a set of negative charisma gear in order to make lull crits more likely. This EQ bard manual serves as an excellent one-stop solutions for strategies, hints and any problems you encounter in-game.

Practice a lot with setting up hot buttons to access songs. The offered products are not official guides.

Post armor class becomes less important the stat bonuses. See more EverQuest guides. If, instead, everquesr pulled X2, then you would also aggro mobs X1 and X3.

What Bards get instead are their songs. Your role will depend on what it needed most.