The most in-depth work in English on the most influential secret magic group of 20th-century Germany, the Fraternitas Saturni, or Brotherhood of Saturn. If today someone wants to become a member of Lodge Fraternitas Saturni, which was founded in by Gregor A. Gregorius, then he has the opportunity to. Read a free sample or buy The Fraternitas Saturni by Stephen E. Flowers. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

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The goals of the Neo-FS are hardly different from any therapy-group, which is confirmed by quotations by its “grandmaster”: Related this is an automatic satutni Gregorius has as founder of the Saturn Lodge postulated the Reincarnation- and Karma doctrine as unconditional prerequisite for the Lodge work.

Ordo Saturni In some brothers left the Fraternitas Saturni to form their own magical order, called the Ordo Saturni. In the two separate groups of the FS were reunified, ending the former conflicts.

Chatroom & Study Groups

First from Riesa in Eastern Germany and later from Berlin, Gregorius tried to contact the Brothers and found lodges in several German cities. Also my German is only good conversationally and functionally, like daily life, TV, having fun, reading a magazine.

Old and new system of degrees Pronaos Pre The “authenticity” of the Neo-FS exhausts itself in continuity of the name in fraternitaas sense of corporation law but not in a continuity of the teachings dogma and consecration.


For anyone that doesn’t believe in the occult, it’s still a good chance to see how this kind of societies and people act and what they believe in.

Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. By using this site, you agree to fraternktas Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In Sacramental-Magic it is the same process. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don’t vote in the other threads.

The Fraternitas Saturni by Stephen E. Flowers on Apple Books

Development Originally, there existed nine degrees within the Fraternitas Saturninot including the Novicewho was not a regular member but a candidate to the Order, and the Grandmaster, which was not a degree in those days but a position held by a single master of the highest degree, guiding the affairs of the lodge. If there is a problem, please report the post or comment to the mods. The Basics Occultism At one point, apparently between andthere was a provision of the group that all newcomers had to acknowledge the basic “Nordic” ideology of the lodge.

The system of degrees was changed in January 25, at 3: Only the High-Degree holders comparable with the bishops of the Catholic Church, who alone possess the full ordination authorityhave the power to ordain and consecrate and are therefore succession- or linage holders.

Johannes Maikowski

Here we will only be concerned with those groups known to have done magical work and to have some connection with the eruption of occult activity in central Europe between the World Wars. To download from the iTunes Store, get sqturni now.


Have you read Dr. Following these differences the Pansophical Lodge would be officially closed in Also attending the conference were the notable film pioneer Albin Grau and Gregor A. With that, the order formed revolutionary and different approaches to the common magical systems of the period.

Following Grosche’s death inthe lodge experienced confusion concerning the position of Grandmaster. The FS represents a unique blend of astrological cosmology, neo-Gnostic demonology, sexual occultism, and Freemasonic organizational principles.

Fraternitas Saturni: The Art of Loving and Living – Saturn Gnosis

Following these differences fraternitad Pansophical Lodge would be officially closed in The Fraternitas Saturni became a legal organisation, registered as “Fraternitas Saturni, e. Popiol, Alexander, Schrader, Raimund. Old and new system of degrees Pronaos Pre The third order fraternitaw the S. The differences between Traenker and Crowley led to a schism in the Pansophical Lodge between the brothers who disagreed with Crowley and those who accepted Crowley’s Law of Thelemaincluding Gregorius and Grau.

When it comes to a book like this its super hard. Are you possibly referring to Stephen Flowers book? If anyone buys this soon Markus, Bill? Because of its unique approach to modern occultism, the FS is considered by many modern authors to be the most influential German magical order. The Fraternitas Saturni became a legal organisation in